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Michigan State Prone Championship August 26/27 2017

  • 03 Oct 2017 2:54 PM
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    Clifford Miller (Administrator)

    It was a sunny day with very lite switching winds. I though we might have a 1600 fired but no such luck. It was a neck an neck race between Pete Church, Mike O'Connor, and junior Richard Clark In the end, Pete prevailed.


    Iron sights

    Pete Church   1st place   1599 129x

    Richard Clark   2nd place   1598 118x

    Mike O'Connor   1st master  1594 121x

    Aaron Ward   1st expert   1587 98x

    Cameron Zwart   1st sharpshooter   1574 81x

    Gordon Mason   2nd sharpshooter   1571 60x

    Any sight

    Mike O'Connor 1st place   1599 125x

    Pete Church  2nd place 1597 116x

    Aaron Ward  1st expert 1591 97x

    Richard Clark 1st sharpshooter   1595 104x

    Gordon Mason 2nd sharpshooter  1578 74x

    Match Totals

    Pete Church  1st place  3196 245x

    Mike O'Connor 2nd place 3193 246x

    Aaron Ward 1st expert   3178 195x

    Richard Clark 1st sharpshooter   3193 222x

    Gordon Mason 2nd sharpshooter   3149 134x

    I would like to thank all shooters who made this match possible. Also I would like to thank Mike O'Connor for all his help.

    Clif Miller Director

    Smallbore Division

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