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2013 Black Powder Long-Range REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Results

  • 30 Jul 2013 11:13 PM
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    Bill Bruske (Administrator)



     Match 1

    800 Yd

    15 Shot

     Match 2

    900 Yd

    15 Shot

    Match 3

    1000 Yd

    15 Shot 

     Match 4

    1000 Yd

    10 Shot

    Match 5 

    1000 Yd

    10 Shot 

     Match 6



     Match 7





     Brad Ryan  117  117  109  80-1X  DNF  343  423-1X     3rd M    (X)
     Ray Saltzman  128-1X  97-1X  DNF  DNF  DNF  225-2X  225-2X  
     Greg Vest  143-3X  135-2X  133-1X  77  75  411-6x  563-6X

     ST. CH.   HG(1-3)   GOLD NRA     (X) 

     Ron Walters  109  114-1X  121-1X  64  74-1X  344-2X  482-3X     2nd M   (X)
     M.W. Chase  107-2X  123-1X  122  81-1X  67  353-3X  500-4X     1st M   TOL   BRONZE NRA    (X)
     Bill Bruske  88-1X  112-2X  88-1X  64  45  288-4X  397-4X     2nd EX   (X)
     Lloyd Gower  86-1X  67  41  6  DNF  194-1X  200-1X  
     Bob MacKool  113-1X  108-1X  62  77  DNF  283-2X  360-2X     3rd EX
     Barb Walters  142-4X  128  116  81-2X  82  386-4X  549-6X

        1st EX   HW    HS   SILVER NRA  (X)




     Jim Primeau  111  117-1X  61  53  DNF  289-1X  342-1X     1st SS
     R.K. Scott  126-2X  107  56  51  DNF  289-2X  340-2X     2nd SS


    M=Master  EX=Expert  SS=Sharp Shooter  M=Marksman  SCP=Scope  HS=High Senior  HW=High Woman  ML=MuzzleLoader  MR=Military Rifle  TOL=Tollofson  ST-CH=State Champ  HG=High Aggregate  BOLD=Tentative National Record  MW=Match Winner  (X)= 1000 Yd  "X" Hat Pin







    Our turn out was low but our results were high. Greg Vest shot his first National Record. I'm sure he will have many more in time. Barb Walters reset 2 of her National Records, 1 Womens and 1 Senior. We got a good test on our guard rail covers. R.K. Scott had a bullet go through, hit the rail and dented it, bounced back and didn't even dent the wood on the back side of the cover. So far they are a success. Once again a special thanks to Ray Saltzman for donating the money to buy the structure wood to make the guard rail covers. We had the coldest weather I've seen in July to shoot in and had to shoot around a few rain showers also, but every one seemed to be in good spirits and over come it all. Welcome to M.W. Chase on his first Black Powder Match at Grayling. Not to any surprise he did quite well. Thanks to all who helped out repairing, pasting, and setting up targets and carriers and also the guard rail covers. There's lots to do to set up a match and all the help is greatly appreciated. It's the end of yet another MRPA BP shooting season. They seem to go by way too fast. I want to thank all who participated in the matches this year and hope to see every one again next year. Your Black Powder Committee Members in attendance: Ron Walters, Brad Ryan, Ray saltzman, R.K. Scott, and Bill Bruske

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