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2014 Black Powder Mid-Range State Championship Results

  • 08 Jun 2014 2:53 AM
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    Bill Bruske (Administrator)
     Class/Name  Match 1
    200 Yd
    10 Shot
     Match 2
    300 Yd
    10 Shot
     Match 3
    600 Yd
    10 Shot
    Match 4
    600 Yd
    10 Shot 
    Match 5
    300 Yd
    10 Shot 
    Match 6
    200 Yd
    10 Shot 
    Match 7
    Match 8
     EXPERT  IRONS                  
     Bill Bruske  96  90  81  84-1X  97-2X  94-1X  267  542-4X  3rd EX   TOL
     Bob Elka  100-2X  92-2X  93-3X  82-1X  93-1X  99-5X  285-7X  559-14X  3rd     HG
     Brad Ryan  100-4X  96-1X  89-1X  80  94-3X  100-4X  285-6X  559-13X  1st EX
     Ray Saltzman  99-3X  84-1X  71  63  DNF  DNF  254-4X  317-4X  
     Brad Tipolt  99-4X  87-1X  81-1X  84-3X  88  98  267-6X  537-9X  
     Greg Vest  97-1X  91  92-1X  92-1X  93-1X  99-5X  280-2X  564-9X  2nd
     Barbara Walters  97-2X  92-1X  92-1X  89-1X  91  96-2X  281-4X  557-7X  2nd EX   HS
     Ron Walters  96  90-2X  78-1X  77  87  93-1X  264-3X  521-4X  
     John Wier  99-3X  97-2X  82  93-4X  96  99-5X  278-5X  566-14X  ST. CHAMP
     SHARP  SHOOTER                  
     Tina Bruske  87  60  60  55  73  75-1X  207  410-1X  2nd SS
     Steve Haynes  97-4X  90-2X  79  77  92  91-1X  266-6X  526-7X  1st  SS
     R.K. Scott  98-3X  83  35  DNF  DNF  DNF  216-3X  216-3X  3rd  SS
     SCOPE  (EXPERT)                  
     Paul Behe  100-8X  95  88-1X  80  97-1X  100-7X  283-9X  560-17X  2nd
     Jodi Decker  99-3X  96-2X  91  89-1X  96-4X  98-5X  286-5X  569-15X  ST CH HG HW
     Steve Decker  99-4X  96-1X  77-1X  81  93-2X  99-5X  272-6X  545-13X  3rd
     (SHARP SHOOTER)                  
     Chuck Deminck  98-5X  93-2X  78-1X  64-1X  94-1X  97-2X  269-8X  524-12X  1st SS

    We had wonderful weather for this match, nice and warm but not hot. We had brand new cardboard target backers to shoot on which was also nice. I'd like to welcome new shooters to the MRPA Mid-Range Matches, Tina Bruske, Chuck Deminck, Bob Elka, and Steve Haynes. Hopefully they return and continue to shoot with us. An interesting match up was between Bob Elka and Brad Ryan. They shot the same score for the Saturday Aggregate as well as the Total Aggregate Match score with the difference being Bob Elka had 1 more "X" on both scores. Really close, great competition. We had a new Iron Sight State Champion this year, John Wier, congratulations! Our current Scope Class State Champion still retains her rein for another year, Jodi Decker won again this year. Jodi also set 4 State Records in both Scope Class and in Womens. She also won the Saturday Aggregate for Scope as well as the High Woman awards. Great job Jodi ! We shot 4 man squads this match to accomadate the shooter's as best as possible. Half of us had never shot 4 man squads only 3 man squads. In the end the down side was it took longer but the upside was the shooter and scorer got to shoot togehter all day long and never had to switch partners. Most of us who had never shot 4 man squads liked it and most who had done it before did not. I guess it was kind of a draw, as with everything in life there are always pros and cons. We had a good tunout with 16 shooters both days, that's the most we've had in some time. Brad Tipolt was another familiar face back at Cadillac this year. Brad Ryan brought his remote control drone and entertained all of us in the off hours. Great weather, new targets, close competition, This match had it all.  

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