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Black Powder Shooting Suppliers Links & 2019 Match Sponsors

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    Bill Bruske (Administrator)

    2020  Match  Sponsors !!  (2)

    Scheutzen Powder  ( Swiss Black Powder )

    The Gun Works Muzzle Loading Emporium

     2019  Match  Sponsors !!  (17)

    Cat Shooting Sticks

    Creedmoor Sports INC.

    Dixie Gun Works

    D. Z. Arms

    Graf & Sons

    Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co.

    Jay's Sporting Goods

    Lee Precision

    Montana Vintage Arms  (MVA)

    Pacific Tool & Gauge  (PTG)

    Redding Reloading Equipment

    Schuetzen Powder  (Swiss Black Powder)

    Single Shot Rifles INC.  (CPA)

    Starline Brass

    The Gun Works

    Treebone Carving

    Walters Wads

            2017  Match  Sponsors !!  ( 21 )  (Thank You)


    Bass Pro Shops

    Bore Rider Barrel Care Products

    Brooks' Knives & Moulds

    Creedmoor Sports INC.

    Distant Thunder Shooting Products

    D. Z. Arms

    Graf & Sons

    Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co.

    Jay's Sporting Goods

    Lee Precision

    Midway USA

    Montana Vintage Arms  (MVA)

    Redding Reloading Equipment

    Rugged Gear

    Schuetzen Powder  (Swiss)

    Shiloh Rifle Co.

    Single Shot Rifles INC.  (CPA)

    Starline Brass

    The Gun Works Muzzle Loading Emporium

    Treebone Carving

    Walters Wads               




                         2016  NRA  MATCH  SPONSORS !!   ( 24 )   ( Thank You )


    Bore Rider Barrel Care Products 

    Brooks' Knives & Moulds

    Buffalo Arms Company


    Cal-Graf Design, LLC

    Creedmoor Sports INC.

    Distant Thunder Shooting Products

    Dixie Gun Works

    D. Z. Arms

    Graf & Sons 

    Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co.

    Jay's Sporting Goods

    Lee Precision

    Montana Vintage Arms  (MVA)

    Pacific Tool & Gauge  (PTG)

    Redding Reloading Equipment

    Rocky Mountain Cartridge LLC.

    Schuetzen Powder  (SWISS)

    Single Shot Rifles INC.  (CPA)

    SPG INC.

    Starline Brass

    The Gun Works

    Treebone Carving

    John Walters Wads





    Contact Info:   Bill Bruske

                                P.O. Box 472

                                Glen Arbor, MI. 49636

                                231-326-3368 (work)     tinatb@aol.com

    Shipping Address:   12777 Co. Rd. 677

                                         BLDG. C-1

                                         Empire, MI. 49630








    www.buffaloarms.com                                    Buffalo Arms         (Carry most everything)

    www.trackofthewolf.com                               Track Of The Wolf   (Parts and loading equipment)



    Shooter 2 Cleaning Media                                Greg Vest (989)-330-5179 gvest67@yahoo.com   (Ceramic media & Brass cleaning solution)

    www.dietleinswaging.com                               Jim Dietlein     (Bullets)

    email: sdurren1@comcast.net                           Steve Durren  (Gunsmithing, Barrel Liners, Etc.)

    The Gun Doctor  (Ithaca)                                Marshall Chase Gunsmith (Trigger jobs, barrels,etc.)


    email:  gfewless@tds.net                                 Glenn Fewless  (Specializing in custom built BPCR Rifles)



    www.bassproshops.com                                  Bass Pro Shops    

    www.brownells.com                                       Brownells        (Mostly parts)

    www.browning.com                                       Browning   Browning Firearms 

    www.cabelas.com                                          Cabelas

    www.champchoice.com                                Champions Choice  (Scopes,Stands,Mats)

    www.csharpsarms.com                                   C. Sharps Arms  (Rifles and Accessories)

    www.dillionprecision.com                             Dillion Precision Products, INC.  (Loading Presses,Dies)

    www.gmriflebarrel.com                                 Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co., INC.  (Barrels)

    www.jayssportinggoods.com                           Jay's Sporting Goods (Clare & Gaylord MI.)

    www.leeprecision.com                                    Lee Precision  (Reloading Dies & Equipment)

    www.lymanproducts.com                                Lyman       (Reloading Equipment)

    www.midwayusa.com                                     Midway USA

    www.rcbs.com                                              RCBS  Reloading Equipment  

    www.redding-reloading.com                            Redding Reloading Equipment  (Dies & Equipment)

    www.shilohrifle.com                                       Shiloh Rifle Co.  (Rifles, Accessories, Shiloh Forum)

    www.starlinebrass.com                                   Starline Brass  (Brass Cartridge Cases)



    www.accuratemolds.com                              Accurate Molds  (Bullet Molds)

    www.arizonasharpshooters.com                      Arizona Sharp Shooters (Patches, Shooting Supplies)

    www.baldwin-sights.com                               Baldwin Sights

    www.balistol.com                                         Ballistol  (Multi purpose lube)

    www.blackpowderspg.com                            SPG   (Lube, Black Powder News, upcoming events)

    www.boreriderbarrelcareproducts.com    Don Leidich Bore Rider Barrel Jags

    www.bpcrtargets.com                                  BPCR Targets (Magnetic Silhouette spotting boards)

    www.brcrifles.com                                        Borchardt Rifle Corporation  (Complete Rifle Restoration)

    www.brooksmoulds.com                                Brooks' Knives & Moulds  (Custom Bullet Moulds)

    www.cal-graf.com                                        Cal-Graf Design, LLC  (Range cart, shooting & scope boxes)

    www.catshootingsticks.com                    Individually hand crafted shooting sticks

    www.creedmoorsports.com                    Creedmoor Sports, INC.

    D.G.L. Lube                                                 Jim Sproul  DGL Lube 541-620-0231

    www.dixiegunworks.com                               Dixie Gun Works  (Guns. parts, accessories)

    www.dzhepburn.com/sights/                         D.Z. Arms   (8X 20" scope, Build Hepburns)

    John King  P.O. Box 368 Kila,MT. 59920          Gunsmith, Borchardts, has built many 6 dashers

    1-406-755-5352                                           for 1000yd, including a world record rifle

    www.hochmoulds.com                                 Colorado Shooter's Supply    (Custom Moulds)

    www.kygunco.com                                       Kentucky Gun Company (Good prices on firearms)

    www.kshoke@comcast.net                           Hoke Long Range Rifle Sights

    www.leeshavergunsmithing.com                     Lee Shaver (Sights, Inserts, Custom Muzzle Loader)

    Leeth Machine & Tool                                   Pioneer Products Custom Bullet Molds

    Ph: 937-839-4363

    www.lodgewood.com                                   Lodgewood Manufacturing  (Original & Reproduction Gun Parts)

    www.meachamrifles.com                              Meacham T&H Inc.  (Push-thru bullet lubrisizer) montanacastbulletsllc@gmail.com                    Montana Cast Bullets, LLC  (160 mold-styles available)

    www.montanavintagearms.com                     Montana Vintage Arms  (MVA Sights & Scopes)

    email: nrjonsn@westriv.com                           Norman Johnson  (rebore, rerifle, reline, rebarrel)

    https://shop.pacifictoolandgauge.com./           Pacific Tool and Gauge (Chamber Reamers, Gun Parts)

    www.pauljonesmoulds.com                          Paul Jones Precision Bullet Moulds

    www.redriver.a.a.p@mts.net                        Red River Sights      Front and Rear Sights 

    www.rimrockbullets.net                               Rim Rock Bullets   Frank Brown   Montana

    www.rockymountaincartridge.com                 Rocky Mountain Cartridge, LLC  (Lathe turned brass)

    www.ruggedgear.com                                  Rugged Gear  (Shooting cart,   3-gun option)

    email: rwsnover@comcast.net                        Ron Snover  (Sight insert cards)

    www.sageoutfitters.com                               Sagebrush  (Custom Bullets, T-Shirts, Shooting Supplies)

    www.schuetzenguncompany.com                   Single Sot Rifles built, repaired, & restored

    www.singleshotrifles.com                               CPA Rifles  (Silhouette rifle from $1950)

    www.ssfirearms.com                                     S&S Firearms Glendale NY. (Original & Repo Parts)

    www.steveearlproducts.com                          Steve Earl Products, INC.  Scope Blocks, Actions

    www.swagedies.com                                    Corbin (Swage your own bullets)

    www.treebonecarving.com                            Treebone Carving   (90% inletted & Profiled Stocks)

    www.vtigunparts.com                                   VTI   (Gun parts for imported Itallian Rfiles)

    www.thegunworks.com                                The Gun Works  (Making rifles and smooth bore barrels)

    email: THETINWADMAN@COX.NET                  Walters Wads  (Wads, Pure Tin & Alloy Mix 20/1)

    www.winchesterbarrels.com                       Winchester gun barrels 

    www.gibbsrifle.com/                                      Gibbs Rifle

    www.navyarms.com                                       Navy Arms

    http://shootingbums.org/TexasBorePigs/          Texas Bore Pigs   (Bore Pigs)



    www.blackpowderva.com                               Back Creek Gun Shop   (Goex Powder)

    www.cooniesblkpdr@aol.com                          Coonies BP Inc.  (Goex & Swiss) Will Mix Cases

    www.goexpowder.com                                  Goex Powder Inc.

    www.grafs.com                                            Graf & Sons (Goex,O.E.,Graf & Sons,Swiss Powders)

    www.hodgdon.com                                       Hodgdon  Powder      Pyrodex -  Tripple Seven

    www.mainepowderhouse.com                        Maine Powder House  (Black Powder)

    www.powderinc.com                                     Powder Inc.  (Black Powder)

    www.schuetzenpowder.com/swiss-black-powder  Swiss Black Powder

    www.uppermotradingco.com                          Upper MIssouri Trading Co. (Hepburn Kit, Powder)



    www.ebay.com                                             E-Bay    

    www.gunbroker.com                                      Gun Broker

    www.gunsamerica.com                                   Guns America

    www.gunauction.com                                    Auction Arms





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