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  • 24 Mar 2015 9:35 PM
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    Bill Bruske (Administrator)

    Barbara Walters 2012 Kansas 13ptBarbara Walters 2012 Kansas 13pt Barb Walters

    2012 Kansas 13pt. Scored 157, without broken beam should have been 175 (+).

    This monster had hind quarters the size of a half grown cow. We never weighed it but my guess would definately be every bit of 300 lbs.

    Bill Bruske 2012 KansasBill Bruske 2013 Kansas Big 8pt (240lb)Bill Bruske 2013 Kansas Small 8ptBill Bruske 2014 Mich. 6pt Bill Bruske

    2012 Kansas, 2013 Kansas, 2013 Kansas, 2014 Michigan. Middle Kansas buck was all of 240 lbs. I love my Remington 700 .308, it knocks 'em down where they stand!

    Wyatt Bruske 7yrs. First Deer Small DoeWyatt Bruske 8yrs. 2013 2nd DeerWyatt Bruske 9yrs. 2014 1st Buck 6pt Wyatt Bruske

    2012 1st deer, 2013 2nd deer, 2014 1st Buck 6pt.  7-8-9 years old. The kid loves his AR, knocked down the first 2 in their tracks, the  Buck made it a whole 50 yds. 

    Bill Bruske, Ron Walters, Leroy Sleight 2013 KansasBill Bruske, Ron Walters, Leroy Sleight 2013 Kansas 3-8pts.  Kansas 2013

    Bill Bruske, Ron Walters, Leroy Sleight, December 2013 Kansas Hunt 

    Wyatt Bruske 2014 1st Squirrel  Wyatt Bruske 2014. 1st Squirrel, he shot it while it was running and jumping from tree to tree at about 100 yds out with his .410 !

       Bob Elka shot this guy at home 10-29-15 with a cross bow. "Right place, right time" was his comment. 

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