2014 Black Powder Division Year In Review

  • 28 Mar 2015 5:13 PM
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    Bill Bruske (Administrator)
        In 2014 the Black Powder Division conducted 3 matches. Our first match was our Mid-Range State Championship at our affiliate, the Cadillac Sportsman's Club. We had a new Iron Sight State Champion, our previous coordinator for Camp Grayling, John Wier. The Scope Class was won again by Mrs. Jodi Decker. They both received a letter of recognition from NRA through Shooting Sports USA. The second match of the year was our Governor's Trophy 1000 yard Ultimate Long-Range Match. The match winner receives a letter of recognition from our Governor. The winner for the second year in a row was Mrs. Barbara Walters. Coming in second, only 5 points behind her, was our current Mid-Range State Champion, John Wier. Finally in third, only 4 points out of second and 9 points out of first, was a relatively new shooter Mrs. Tina Bruske. Our third match of the year was our NRA Regional 800-900-1000 yard Match. The winners in this match receive medals from NRA and also become our Long-Range State Champions. In Iron Sight, coming in first for the Gold Medal and our current Long-Range State Champion, was Mrs. Barbara Walters. Coming in second for the Silver Medal, was our current Mid-Range State Champion, John Wier. And in third, for the Bronze Medal, was our current Long-Range Champions husband, Ron Walters. Both John Wier and Ron Walters had the exact same total aggregate score of 484-3X, so we had to look back at the 1000 yard individual matches and John had the higher score on his last match deeming him the winner. In Scope Class winning the Gold Medal, and our current Long-Range State Champion, was our former Division Director, Paul Behe. In second place for the Silver Medal, was our current Division Director Bill Bruske. On Saturday evening after our match we handed out donations from our (16) Match Sponsors in the form of "Door Prizes". Our Sponsors are listed in the Black Powder Forums section of of this web site. There is also a long list of links to "Suppliers" that you may find helpful.

        In 2014 we purchased all new 6'x6' cardboard target backers for our target carriers at Cadillac Sportsmans Club. Our old ones were shot up to the point where they were falling out of the carriers. We also tried a new brand of pasters from Buffalo Arms that actually stuck and stayed on the targets. Last year in 2013 we built new 6'x6' wood target frames for thetarget  carriers at Camp Grayling. Attendance was average for 2 of the 3 matches, low on one, which we expected due to some scheduling issues of matches being one weekend right after another. This year, as well as the one before, the competitors were given a printed out match result sheet at the end of the match to take home with them. 

        This coming year 2015, we have our match scheduling back to normal. We hopefully will be able to get better attendance for our matches as a result. Also for our June 27-28 Governor's Trophy Match at Camp Grayling MI, we have Jimmy Gretzinger from the "Michigan Out of Doors TV" show scheduled to come on Saturday the 27th and film part of our match for a spot on their television show. Hopefully that might get us some attention and potentially some new competitors as well.

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