2015 Black Powder State Championship Mid-Range Results

  • 30 May 2015 6:27 PM
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    Bill Bruske (Administrator)

     Class/Name  Match 1
    200 Yds.
     Match 2
    300 Yds.
    Match 3
    600 Yds.
    Match 4
    600 Yds.
    Match 5
    300 Yds.
    Match 6
    200 Yds.
    Match 7
    Match 8
     EXPERT  IRONS                  
     Paul Behe  100-3X  98-5X  83  91  97-4X  100-8X  281-8X  569-20X  3rdST.CH.
     Steve Decker  98-3X  92-1X  74  75  90-1X  94-2X  264-4X  523-7X  6thEX
     Charlie Dodson  99-2X  95-2X  77-1X  87-1X  94-1X  97-3X  271-5X  549-10X  3rdEX
     Bob Elka  99-2X  96-3X  92-3X  91-1X  98-4X  100-3X  287-8x  576-16X  ST. CH.-Agg
     Dale Engstrom  97-5X  74  42  80-1X  93-1X  95-1X  213-5X  481-8X  8thEX
     Jim Kluskens  100-7X  96-1X  80  81-1X  92-1X  100-6X  276-8X  549-16X  2ndEX
     Brad Ryan  98-4X  83-2X  65  76  94-2X  100-7X  246-6X  516-15X  7thEX
     Ray Saltzman  97-2X  92-1X  58  42  94-1X  98-2X  247-3X  481-6X  9thEX
     Greg Vest  99-2X  90  91-2X  89  96-3X  99-1X  280-4X  564-8X  1stEX
     Barbara Walters  99-2X  93  75  76-2X  93-3X  98-2X  267-2X  534-9X  4thEX
     Ron Walters  98-2X  97  77  75  93-1X  88-2X  272-2X  528-5X  5thEX
     John Wier  100-5X  94  90-2X  91-1X  97-2X  100-3X  284-7X  572-13X  2ndST.CH.-HS
     SHARP SHOOTER                  
     Tina Bruske  94-2X  91-1X  85-1X  92-1X  92-2X  91  270-4X  545-7X  1st SS
     Todd Campbell  82  64  65-1X  69-1X  DNF  DNF  211-1X  280-2X  1stMR
     R.K. Scott  29-2X  17  DNF  DNF  87-1X  95-2X  46-2X  228-5X  3rd SS
     Art Stone  94-2X  83-1X  79  82  90  96-4X  256-3X  524-7X  2nd SS
     SCOPE CLASS                  
     Bill Bruske  98-4X  93-1X  79  76  91-1X  93-3X  270-5X  530-9X  2ndST.CH.-Agg
     Jodi Decker  98-3X  95-3X  73  87  97-1X  100-3X  266-6X  550-10X  ST.CH.-HW
     Bob MacKool  89  91-3X  73-1X  79  95-2X  96-2X  253-4X  523-8X  3rdST.CH.
     Judd Spayde  93-2X  89-1X  79  77  90  94-4X  261-3X  522-7X  4th Scope

    EX=Expert    SS-Sharp Shooter    HS=High Senior (Irons)    HW=High Woman    MR=Military Rifle    ST.CH.=State Champion (Irons & Scope)    Agg.=High Aggregate for Match 1+2+3=Match 7

    We had a perfect weekend for our match. The weather was picture perfect. Thanks to all who showed up, we have not had this many competitor's in quite a few years. Thanks to all that helped out with working on tergets and running the shooting line. Welcome to new comers to this match Todd Campbell, Dale Engstrom, Jim Kluskens, Judd Spayde, and Art Stone. Congratulations to Jodi Decker, she has done the "Hat Trick" and is our 3 time (in a row) Mid-Range State Champion in Scope Class! Now for the impossible. We have a new Mid-Range State Champion in Iron Sight Class, Bob Elka. Bob Rifled his own barrel, he also designed and made his own bullet mold. During the match at 600 yards, Bob shot his own bullet design through his own rifled barrel and hit his spotter (which was dead center in the "X" ring) and drove the plastic spindle in the middle of the spotter right through the back of the target without hurting the spotting disk!!! Bob shot (2) of the highest  matches (3&5) he also shot the highest aggregate  and only dropped a total of 24 points for the entire match, again with his own barrel and bullet!!!!  Jim Kluskens came the farthest to shoot with us and we are very greatful. Jim is one of our many Match Sponsors this year and last. He owns Distant Thunder Shooting Products. Jim shoots a Hepburn that he completely built himself (From a block of steel) and he also makes his own front sights and even more impressive, his own rear soule sight!! With his own rifle and sights Jim shot both a 100-7X and a 100-6X at 200 yards!!!  Not to be completely out done,  I built an elevetion knob graduated in 1/4 MOA for newcomer Art Stone for his Pedersoli rear sight. It was by far a simple project compared to the other fellas, I just don't have talent enough to keep up with the other guys. All of us custom build lots of stuff for our competition rifles, which makes this quite a great group of people to have the privelage to hang out and have fun with. Saturday night we had a drawing for "Door Prizes" from our Match Sponsors for this event;                                                                                       Buffalo Arms                                                                                                             Dixie Gun Works                                                                                                       Graf & Sons                                                                                                               Montana Vintage Arms                                                                                              Pacific Tool & Gauge                                                                                                 Redding Reloading                                                                                                              Starline Brass                                                                                     Treebone Carving                                                                                                      Walters Wads                                                                                                             Again when purchasing shooting supplies if possible please consider our Sponsors first. Sunday we gave out a new type of awards, trophies and medals. Hopefully everyone liked them as they save a lot of time. One major glitch Sunday, some idiot, (okay it was me) couldn't seem to manage to add up the scores and forgot all about match 4 in the first attempt to come up with a results sheet. Luckily Greg Vest noticed it and we managed to correct the totals before the end of the match. Bob Elka and Jodi Decker both set new State Records during this match. Bob Elka set a record in the "OPEN CLASS" 200-300-600-600-300-200 yds. he inched out Paul Behe who had 573-27X in May 2013, Bob shot 576-16X May 2015. Jodi inched out herself in "WOMENS" 10 shot at 300 yds. She had 96-4X in May 2014 and this year shot 97-1X May 2015. Congrtaulations to them both.                                                  BOB ELKA 600 YD. SPINDLE SHOT. THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND.                                                        

    "Unofficial"  Couples  Fun  Match  Results

     Name Total Aggregate Score   Total Combined Score
     Bill Bruske  530-9X  1075-16X
     Tina Bruske  545-7X  
     Jodi Decker  550-10X  1073-17X
     Steve Decker  523-7X  
     Barbara Walters  534-9X  1062-14X
     Ron Walters  528-5X  

       Bob Elka left, Iron Sight                                    John Wier left, Iron Sight

           STATE  CHAMPION                                          2nd  State Champion


        Paul Behe left, Iron Sight                                 Greg Vest left, Iron Sight

           3rd State Champion                                                    1st Expert

     Tina Bruske right, Iron Sight

            1st Sharp Shooter


        Jodi Decker right,  Scope                                  Bill Bruske right,  Scope

    STATE CHAMPION (3 in a row)                              2nd  State Champion

    Bob MacKool,  Scope (not pictured)  3rd  State Champion


        Jim KLuskens, 2nd Expert          Charlie Dodson, 3rd Expert


    Art Stone, 2nd Sharp Shooter      R. K. Scott, 3rd Sharp Shooter

       Judd Spayde 4th Scope Class

       Barbara Walters 4th Expert

       Ron Walters 5th Expert

       Steve Decker 6th Expert

       Brad Ryan 7th Expert

       Dale Engstrom 8th Expert

       Raymond Saltzman 9th Expert

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