2015 Black Powder Ultimate Long-Range Governor's Trophy Match Results

  • 29 Jun 2015 10:38 PM
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    Bill Bruske (Administrator)

    Class / Name
    Match 1
    1000 Yd
    15 Shot 
     Match 2
    1000 Yd
    15 Shot
     Match 3
    1000 Yd
    15 Shot
    Match 4
    1000 Yd
    10 Shot 
    Match 5
    1000 Yd
    10 Shot 
    Match 6

    Place Awards
     Paul Behe  128-2X  97  100-3X  91-2X  61  477-7X  Gov. TR. HS (X)
     Brad Ryan  106  55  113  69  55  398  2nd  M
     Greg Vest  98  63  110-1X  71-2X  76  418-3X  1st   M (X)
     Ron Walters  106  86-2X  83  56  46  377-2X  3rd M  (X)
     Bill Bruske  89  91-1X  64  73  68-1X  385-2X  1st  EX  (X)
     Lloyd Gower  80  72-1X  68-1X  42  34  296-2X  3rd  EX  (X)
     Barbara Walters  97  99-2X  87-1X  78-2X  72  422-5X  3rd Gov.TR. HW  (X)
     John Wier  95  78  55  84  63  375  2nd  EX 
     SHARP SHOOTER              
     Tina Bruske  72  92  87  71-1X  36  358-1X  1st SS  (X)
     Bob Elka  115  88  98-1X  74  67  442-1X  2nd Gov.TR. (X)
     R.K. Scott  78  67  68  6  46  265  2nd SS
     Bruce Obrentz  38  25  83  15  32  193  3rd   MK
     Jim Primeau  49  42  65  49  38  243  2nd  MK
     Art Stone  68-1X  53  62  66  52  301-1X  1st  MK   (X)
     Greg Galla  55-1X  20  26  34  26  161-1X  1st  Scope  (X)
     Ray Saltzman  32  12  DNF  DNF  DNF  44  2nd Scope

    We had the best weather for the match in a long while. The winds Saturday however were some of the fastest, quickest changing, most nasty we have shot in anytime lately. I for one was shocked to see my target drop almost every time it went down. Sunday was windy but more steady and you could wait out your wind condition and actually adjust to shoot in it. We would like to welcome new comers Arthur Stone from Alma MI. and Bruce Obrentz all the way from Atlanta Georgia. Our former Match Director, Paul Behe came back to conquer the winds and once again win the Governor's Trophy. We also had a couple High Power Long Range shooters come and practice with us, Jacob Bondy and Paul Larson. We welcome them and any other MRPA members to come and practice during our matches. Our 18 Match Sponsors donated numerous really nice "Door Prizes" we handed out to the competitors on Saturday night. Thanks to all who showed up to help set up the range Friday and work on targets. First time ever I remember we had everyone show up on Friday before the match. We also had enough competitors to have a Marksman class for the first time too. Sunday we all had ice cream bars just before we handed out awards, that was a first as well. All in all a super fun match, great comradery, excellent Door Prizes, awesome weather (-) the wind Saturday. Thank you all for coming to shoot and helping out with the match.


    Finish  (Hi  to  Low)                                Finish (Seniors)      Finish (Youngsters)

    1.) Paul Behe             477-7X                          1st

    2.) Bob Elka               442-1X                                                              1st

    3.) Barb Walters        433-5X                          2nd

    4.) Greg Vest              418-3X                                                              2nd

    5.) Brad Ryan             398                               3rd

    6.) Bill Bruske            385-2X                                                              3rd

    7.) Ron Walters          377-2X                          4th

    8.) John Wier              375                                5th

    9.) Tina Bruske          358-1X                                                              4th

    10.) Art Stone            301-1X                                                              5th

    11.) Lloyd Gower      296-2X                          6th

    12.) R.K. Scott            265                                7th

    13.) Jim Primeau       243                                                                   6th

    14.) Bruce Obrentz   193                                8th

    15.) Greg Galla          161-1X                                                             7th

    16.) Ray Saltzman     44                                  9th

    Unofficial Couples Match

    Bill Bruske          385-2X

    Tina Bruske        358-1X           743-3X     2nd   Place

    Barb Walters      433-5X

    Ron Walters        377-2x           810-7X     1st    Place

      Paul Behe  Winner 2015 Governor's Trophy

      Bob Elka  2nd Governor's Trophy

      Barbara Walters  3rd  Governor's Trophy

      Bob Elka 2nd, Paul Behe 1st, Barb Walters 3rd

       Greg Vest  1st  Master

       Brad Ryan  2nd  Master

       Ron Walters  3rd  Master

       Bill Bruske  1st  Expert

       John Wier  2nd  Expert

       Lloyd Gower  3rd  Expert

       Tina Bruske  1st  Sharp Shooter

       R. K. Scott  2nd  Sharpshooter

       Art Stone  1st  Marksman

                         NOT   PICTURED                  Jim Primeau  2nd  Marksman

       Bruce Obrentz  3rd  Marksman  (Atlanta, GA.)

                       NOT PICTURED                      Greg Galla  1st  SCOPE

       Raymond Saltzman  2nd  SCOPE

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