2015 Black Powder Long-Range NRA REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Results

  • 24 Aug 2015 8:48 PM
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    Bill Bruske (Administrator)
    Class/Name  Match 1
    800 Yd
    15 Shot 
    Match 2
    900 Yd
    15 Shot
    Match 3
    1000 Yd
    15 Shot 
    Match 4
    1000 Yd
    10 Shot
    Match 5
    1000 Yd
    10 Shot 
    Match 6
    Match 7
    Barry Dietlein (UNC)   132-2X  70  84  DNF  DNF  286-2X  286-2X  5th
    Jim Dietlein (UNC)  135-1X  128  96  85-2X  65  359-1X  509-3X  2nd   BRONZE  "X"   
    Brad Ryan  134-1X  116-3X  110  56  80  360-4X  496-4X  3rd
    Ray Saltzman  83  84  13  DNF  DNF  180  180  6th
    Greg Vest  137-5X  135-1X  96  84  65  368-6X  517-6X  1st   SILVER
    Ron Walters  133-2X  109  50  69  76  292-2X  437-2X  4th
    Marshall Chase  131-1X  101-2X  52  80  43  284-3X  407-3X  3rd
    Ray Hopkins  114-1X  119  112  64  60  345-1X  469-1X  2nd
    Bob MacKool  93  103  84  67  46  280  393  4th
    Barb Walters  139-1X  133  112-1X  74  72  384-2X  530-2X ST. CHAMP       GOLD
    HS  HW  "X" 
    John Wier  128  118  81  80  79  327  486  1st
     SHARP SHOOTER                
    Tina Bruske  108  69  55  7  DNF  232  239  3rd
    Bob Elka  124-2X  107-1X  96-1X  61  62  327-4X  450-4X  1st  "X"
    R.K. Scott  0  60  17  DNF  DNF  77  77  4th HI Super Senior
    Zack Stockdale  99-1X  12  52  59-1X  29  160-1X  248-2X  2nd   "X"
    Mark McElrea  93  74  23  8  35  183  226  3rd
    Jim Primeau  106  97  84  71  55  287  413  1st
    Art Stone   132-1X  79  66  71  62  277-1X  410-1X  2nd
    Paul Behe  141-1X  130-1X  105  72-1X  76  376-2X  524-3X ST. CHAMP   
    GOLD   "X" 
    Bill Bruske   84  73  12  37  58  169  264  2nd   SILVER 
    Wyatt Bruske   29  37  7  0  39  73  112  3rd   BRONZE

    We had a good turn out this match. Welcome to new comers Barry Dietlein(New York), Mark McElrea (Canada), and our first ever sub-junior shooter Wyatt Bruske. Returning from a long hiatus was Jim Dietlein who came in 3rd and won the NRA Bronze Medal. Thanks to Michigan Out Of Doors TV who sent a real nice guy Gabe VanWormer who filmed some of our match setup and practice on Friday for an upcoming show. Congratulations to our Long-Range State Champion winners Barb Walters shooting Iron Sights and Paul Behe shooting Scope. They both also took home NRA Gold Medals. Second in Iron Sights was Greg Vest and second in Scope was Bill Bruske who both took home NRA Silver Medals. Third in Iron Sights was Jim Dietlein and 3rd in Scope was our new Junior Shooter Wyatt Bruske who both took home NRA Bronze Medals. Thank you to our 18 very generous Sponsor's who donated many well appreciated "Door Prizes" we gave away Saturday afternoon. Thanks to Ron Walters for running the radio with range control and squadding shooters and to his wife Barb Walters for doing the Nurse duties. Thanks also to Paul Behe, Bob Elka and John Wier for running the firing line and the target pits. Also thanks to Paul Behe for making and donating 2 more benches for us in the target pits, and Jim Primeau for supplying our water cooler in the pits with ice. Also I want to thank my wife Tina and son Wyatt for giving up hours and hours of family time while I do my Match Director duties, without that none of us would be doing this. It takes all of us to make this successful.Thanks to all that helped paste targets and set up the range on Friday and clean up and put away our equipment on Sunday. We got out of there only 10 minutes before thunderstorms came in. Without the extra help we would have been drenched before we finished handing out awards. As usual Grayling proved to be a challenge to figure out the wind conditions both days. Grayling has a way with making almost every day just like your first day trying to figure out what is going on, but it wouldn't be any fun if it was easy. Thank you everyone for making this a very pleasurable and successful shooting year, it was an awesome year.

    Bill Bruske      MRPA Black Powder Div. Director

    Our  18  Match  Sponsors  (Listed on the Match Sponsor page)


                  IRON SIGHTS                                                  SCOPE

    Greg Vest - Silver        (Left)                        Bill Bruske - Silver     (Left)

    Barbara Walters - Gold  (Center)               Wyatt Bruske - Bronze  (Center)

    Jim Dietlein - Bronze  (Right)                      Paul Behe - Gold       (Right)

                                                                       Barbara Walters                                           Paul Behe

    Long-Range State Champ "IRONS"              Long-Range State Champ "SCOPE"

    High Woman      High Senior


    Greg Vest  1st Master                                   Bill Bruske  2nd Scope


    Jim Dietlein  2nd Master                              Wyatt Bruske 3rd Scope-Hi Sub-Junoior

    Brad Ryan  3rd Master

    Ron Walters  4th Master

    Barry Dietlein  5th Master  (Not Pictured)

    Raymond Saltzman 6th Master  (Not Pictured)

    John Wier  1st Expert

    Ray Hopkins  2nd Expert

    Marshall Chase  3rd Expert

    Bob MacKool  4th Expert

    Bob Elka  1st Sharp Shooter

    Zack Stockdale  2nd Sharp Shooter

    Tina Bruske  3rd Sharp Shooter (Not Pictured)

    R.K. Scott  4th Sharp Shooter (Not Pictured)

    Jim Primeau  1st Marksman

    Art Stone  2nd Marksman

    Mark McElrea  3rd Marksman


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