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2016 Black Powder Ultimate Long-Range Governor's Trophy Match

  • 01 May 2016 2:26 PM
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    Bill Bruske (Administrator)


    Governor's Trophy  

    April 29 - May 1

     Class/Name  Match 1
    1000 Yd
    15 Shot
     Match 2
    1000 Yd
    15 Shot
    Match 3
    1000 Yd
    15 Shot 
    Match 4
    1000 Yd
    10 Shot 
    Match 5
    1000 Yd
    10 Shot 
    Match 6

     Paul Behe  131-1X  101        232-1X  Gov. Trophy 
    High Senior     "X"
     Brad Ryan  124-4X  66  M      190-4X  2nd             "X"
     Greg Vest  107  90-1X  I      197-1X  1st               "X"
     Ron Walters  68  95  L      163  3rd
     Expert      T  R  R    
     Bill Bruske  78 *  Broke  A  A  A  78  4th     1st Military Rifle
     MW Chase  48  69  R  I  I  117  3rd
     Jim Dietlein  102-1X  100-1X  Y  N  N  202-2X  3rd Gov. Trophy  "X"
     Lloyd Gower  54  81        135  2nd
     Bob MacKool  44  30-1X  S  O  O  74-1X  5th             "X"
     Barbara Walters  108  99  H  U  U  207  2nd Gov. Trophy High Woman
     John Wier  104  80  U  T  T  184  1st
     Sharp Shooter              
     Tina Bruske  87  66  D      153  1st
     Todd Campbell  7  18  O      25  2nd
     Marksman      N        
     Wyatt Bruske  15  6        21  4th     High Sub-Junior
    Greg Galla   0  0        0  5th
     Bruce Obrentz  65  10        75  3rd
     Jim Primeau  85  57-1X        142-1X  2nd            "X"
     Art Stone  104-1X  38-1X        142-2X  1st             "X"

    BOLD= Match Winner   * =  NRA National Record

    "X"= 1000 yd (X) Pin


    We had a number of things on this match. The back road in was flooded across and got a competitors truck stuck in the mud. Our competitor list was not distributed out on the base to get people in. We got shut down early on Saturday as there was no military units in training. And the winds Saturday were at there best messing with us all. But we prevailed, had a cook out on the range Saturday night. Handed out Door Prizes from our 18 generous sponsors. Told stories, compared some notes and had an enjoyable evening. This was then followed by a rainy day Sunday that sent us home early yet again. But through it all we kept in good spirits and soldiered on. Thank you to everyone that helped out pasting targets and setting up the range as well as the tear down and putting it all away Sunday, much appreciated. Congratulations to Paul Behe on winning the coveted Governor's Trophy. Congratulations to Bill Bruske on setting his first ever NRA National Record in Military Rifle of 78 using a 1873 trapdoor carbine with barrel sights. The firing pin then broke and it was all over at that point. He now carries spares. Welcome to new comers to Grayling, Todd Campbell also Steve Batzer who came to Shoot Sunday but found us rained out. Thanks to Bruce Obrentz also who came to shoot with us again from Atlanta Georgia. Hope to see everyone at our NRA Regional June 24-26.

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