2016 Black Powder Mid-Range State Championship Results

  • 10 Sep 2016 10:59 PM
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    Bill Bruske (Administrator)

    2016 Black Powder Target Rifle MID-RANGE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP

    May 28-29, 2016 Cadillac MI.

     Class/Name Match 1
    200 Yd

     Match 2
    300 Yd
     Match 3
    600 Yd
    Match 4
    600 Yd
    Match 5
    300 Yd 
    Match 6
    200 Yd
    Match 7
    Match 8
     Paul Behe  100-7x  98-3X  84-1X  93-1X  92  98-3X  282-11X  565-14X  3rd St. Champ
     Bill Bruske  89  90-1X  86  76-1X  86  96-1X  265-1X  523-3X  6th EX
    1st Toll.
     Tina Bruske  93-1X  95-1X  78  74  88-2X  94-2X  266-2X  522-4X  7th EX
     Marshall Chase  100-5X  97  81-1X  85-1X  94  93  278-6X  550-7X  3rd EX
     Jim Dietlein  99-5X  93-2X  84  84-2X  98  99-7X  276-7X  557-16X  2nd EX
     Bob Elka  100-7X  95  89-1X  94-3X  94-1X  100-4X  284-8X  572-15X  ST. CHAMP
     Brad Ryan  95-2X  81  88  86-1X  93-1X  95  264-2X  538-4X  4th EX
     Greg Vest  100-3X  98-2X  85-1X  86  95-2X  100-3X  283-6X  564-11X  1st EX
     100-7X  86-1X  73  80  88-1X  99-5X  259-8X  526-14X  Nat. Record
    5th EX
     Ron Walters  94-2X  90-2X  80-1X  79  85  93-2X  264-5X  521-7X  8th EX
     John Wier  100-5X  98-2X  86-1X  93-2X  95-2X  99-5X  284-8X  571-17X  2nd St. Champ
     SHARP SHOOTER                  
     Todd Campbell  83-1X  84  51  64  DNF  DNF  218-1X  218-1X  1st SS
     Greg Galla  90  76  69  44  83-1X  94-3X  235  456-4X  1st MK
    1st Military
     Wyatt Bruske  76  49  58-1X  68  75  82  183-1X  408-1X  Scope St.

    Agg.   Hi Jr.
     Charlie Dodson  DNF  DNF  DNF  DNF  98-3X  98-6X  DNF  196-9X  2nd Scope

    We had a great weekend for the match. It threatened rain the whole time but we managed to get done before the rain came each day. Congrats to Barbara Walters on breaking a NRA Womens National Record. Congrats to our (2) Mid-Range State Champions in Irons and Scope. Bob Elka once again won the Irons State Championship, and 11 year old Wyatt Bruske won the State Championship in Scope. Thanks to all who helped out setting up and running the range this weekend. Charlie Dodson has a new rubber cleaning jag that squeaks and sounds just like a Turkey Call. Sunday when we shot 200 yds we had Turkeys crossing between us and the targets looking for the Turkey that was calling to them. Thanks to our 24 Match Sponsors who donated numerous "Door Prizes" that we handed out Saturday Night, much appreciated!

    Bore Rider Barrel Care Products

    Brook's Knives & Moulds

    Buffalo Arms Company


    Cal-Graf Design, LLC

    Creedmoor Sports INC.

    Distant Thunder Shooting Products

    Dixie Gun Works

    D.Z. Arms

    Graf & Sons

    Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Company

    Jay's Sporting Goods

    Lee Precision

    Montana Vintage Arms  (MVA)

    Pacific Tool & Gauge   (PTG)

    Redding Reloading Equipment

    Rocky Mountain Cartridge LLC.

    Schuetzen Powder   (SWISS)

    Single Shot Rifles INC.   (CPA)

    SPG INC.

    Starline Brass

    The Gun Works

    Treebone Carving

    John Walters Wads

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