2016 Black Powder NRA Long-Range State Championship

  • 19 Nov 2016 2:06 PM
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    Bill Bruske (Administrator)

    2016 Black Powder target Rifle

    NRA Long-Range State Championship

    September 24-25 

     Match 1
    800 Yds
    15 Shot
     Match 2
    900 Yds
    15 Shot
     Match 3
    1000 Yd
    15 Shot
    Match 4
    1000 Yd
    10 Shot 
    Match 5
    1000 Yd
    10 Shot 
    Match 6
    Match 1-2-3 
    Match 7

     Bill Bruske  91  89  79-1X  23  61  259-1X  343-1X  1st Expert "X"
     Lloyd Gower  127-2X  124  62  30  76-1X  313-2X  419-3X  3rd ST. CH.
     Barbara Walters  137-1X  125-1X  120  83  81-1X  382-2X  546-3x  ST. CHAMP
    HW  HS  "X"
     John Wier  126-1X  127-1X  107-1X  48  67-1X  360-3X  475-4X  2nd ST. CH.
     Bruce Obrentz  88  87  72-2X  52  26  247-2X  325-2X  2nd MK  "X"
     Jim Primeau  126  103  99-1X  22  48  328-1X  398-1X  1st MK  "X"
     Paul Behe  133-3X  102-1X  99  68  71-1X  334-4X  473-5X  ST. CHAMP
     Wyatt Bruske  49-1X  56  22  36  45-1X  127-1X  208-2X  2nd  Scope.
       "X"  JR.

    We had the usual winds that frustrated most of us once again. The weather was fantastic this match and most of us got a little sun burned too. We grilled up brats & burgers Saturday after the match and gave away some really nice "Door Prizes" thanks to our 24 generous 2016 Match Sponsors. We had a rather low attendance due to a few shooters attending the Eastern BP Silhouette Nationals and a couple shooters with sore backs and recovering from surgeries. Congratulations to our Long-Rnage State Champions; Barbara Walters in IRONS, and Paul Behe in SCOPE. Everyone got an "X" Pin this match as well. Lloyd Gower shot some of his highest scores this weekend and did well coming in 3rd overall. Jim Primeau shot real well the first 3 matches Saturday and done himself proud too. 11yr. old Wyatt Bruske got his first ever 1000 yd "X" Pin Sunday at the end of the day with only 6 shots left in the last match of the year. Paul Behe, our former Match Director and BP Division Dierctor, who invented and designed the "X" Pin award, decided to personally hand it out to the youngest ever competitor that earned one. Amazingly Bruce Obrentz flew here from Atlanta Georgia and attended every match we held at Grayling this year. Thank you to everyone that helped set up, run, and take down the range this weekend. Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you to everyone that attended matches this year. Here again is a list of our much appreciated 2016 Match Sponsors.

    Bore Rider Barrel Care Products

    Brook's Knives & Moulds

    Buffalo Arms Company


    Cal-Graf Design

    Creedmoor Sports INC.

    Distant Thunder Shooting Products

    Dixie Gun Works

    D.Z. Arms

    Graf & Sons

    Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Company

    Jay's Sporting Goods 

    Lee Precision

    Montana Vintage Arms (MVA)

    Pacific Tool & Gauge (PTG)

    Redding Reloading Equipment

    Rocky Mountain Cartridge LLC.

    Schuetzen (SWISS)

    Single Shot Rifles (CPA)

    SPG INC.

    Starline Brass

    The Gun Works

    Treebone Carving

    John Walters Wads

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