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Michigan State Prone Championship may 15-16 2022

  • 22 May 2022 4:55 PM
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    Clifford Miller (Administrator)

    Ten shooters attended this years match. They were subject to varying wind

    conditions and the potential for rain both days. Richard Clark who shoots for the university of Kentucky, won both the iron and any sight matches.

    Results irons

    ma col Richard Clark    1593 110x winner

    ma sen Mike O'Connor   1592 104x

    ex sen Whitney Everest   1580 82x

    ss col Mark Garmo   1555 53x

    mk col wom jr Jess Wang   1493 28x  

    f class

    ma sen Dave Strycharz   1579 102x  winner

    ma sen Ed Gostomski   1568 92x

    ma sen Steve Goyette   1553 81x

    ma sen Kelley Neeley   1547 88x

    ma sen Steve Kern   1544 64x

    Any Sight

    ma col Richard Clark   1596 121x  Winner

    ma sen Mike O Connor   1594 114x

    ex sen Whitney Everest   1590 100x

    ss col Mark Gramo   1588 91x

    F Class

    ma sen Dave Strycharz   1577 95x  Winner

    ma sen Ed Gostomski   1573 93x

    ma sen Steve Goyette   1573 95x

    ma sen Kelley Neeley   1573 85x

    ma sen Steve Kern   1549 56x

    Final Results

    ma col Richard Clark   3189 231x  Winner

    ma sen Mike O,Connor   3186 218x

    ex sen Whitney Everest   3170 182x

    ss col Mark Garmo   3143 144x

    mk col wom jr Jess Wang   1493 28x high woman & high jr

    F Class

    ma sen Dave Strycharz   3156 197x  Winner high senior

    ma sen Ed Gostomski   3141 185x  1st master

    ma sen Steve Goyette   3126 176x

    ma sen Kelley Neeley   3120 173x

    ma sen Steve Kern   3093 120x

    I would like to thank Mike O'Connor for helping run the match.

    Clif Miller

    smallbore director

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