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  • 2015 Michigan Garand Match

2015 Michigan Garand Match

  • 18 Apr 2015
  • 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Monroe Rifle and Pistol Club


  • Adult Entry
  • Shoot a second time with a different rifle

Registration is closed


MRPA Highpower Presents:

The Fifteenth Annual

Michigan State Association Garand

And Vintage Military Bolt Rifle Match

April 18, 2015

Monroe Rifle and Pistol Club,

1220 Yensch Road, Dundee, Michigan




This is my rifle. There are many

Like it but this one is mine.



Date and Location: April 18, 2015  Monroe Rifle and Pistol Club (MRPC)

Camping & Housing: Are not available, drive in that morning or use local motels.

Pets: No Pets of any kind are allowed at our events, this means on the range or in the parking areas.

Smoking: No smoking in pits or on the firing berms, period. Smoke between line changes.

Rules: The rules that govern the this match are found in the 2012 CMP Competition Rules.

Eligibility:Open to any U.S. Citizen 16 years of age or older, with MRPA, ORPA or MRPC membership. All participants must have a notarized ‘CMP Eligibility Affidavit’ on file. If you have shot a MRPA Garand match in the last 8 years, you do not need to send a new CMP Eligibility Affidavit to MRPA. A notary will be at the match.

Housing: Is not available, drive in that morning or use local motels.


Entry Fees: The cost for this  match is $25.00. If a competitor wishes to fire more than one type of firearm the second entry fee will be $15.00.  

Mail advance entries between March 10th and April 10th to: MRPA Highpower, 3915 Stoney Ridge Drive, Fort Gratiot, Michigan, 48059  Make checks payable to: ‘MRPA Highpower’ Note: E-MAIL AND PHONE ENTRIES will not be accepted. $5.00 of the entry fee is non-refundable and will be held for a ‘No-show.’

Post entries: Are allowed the day of the match .  Advance entries will have preference over post entries. There is not a late fee for a post entry.

Squadding and Rifle Inspection: Commences at the clubhouse at 8:30 AM and ends at 9:30 AM.  You must present the rifle(s) you intend to shoot for trigger weighing

MANDATORY SAFETY BRIEFING / ORIENTATION: Will be conducted on the firing line from 9:30 AM – 9:45 AM. All participants must attend this briefing. Those who arrive too late for the briefing will not be allowed to fire in the match.

Firing will commence at 10:00AM April 18, 2015.

Rifles Allowed: All rifles used in the Garand or Vintage match must be ‘as-issued’  military service rifles. Competitors’ rifles may be inspected before, during or after the match to ensure that they comply with CMP rules. U.S. Rifles allowed are: Caliber .30, M1903 or A3 Springfield; Caliber .30, M1917 Enfield; Caliber .30, M1 Garand; Caliber .30, M1941 Johnson;  or any CMP approved Vintage Bolt action rifle..

(a) These firearms shall be as-issued , or a commercially manufactured rifle of the same type and caliber, having not less than a 4.5 pound trigger pull, with standard stock and leather or web sling. Rifles must be “as-issued” and must conform to the weight and dimensions of the standard issue service rifle, and only U.S. Government issue parts or non-U. S. Government or commercial parts of the exact same weight and dimensions may be used. Rifles may be accurized only by the careful assembly of standard parts. “NM” parts may not be used in the rifle.

(b) Rebarreling with a barrel of “as-issued” dimensions is permitted. No other modification or alteration of the “as-issued” rifle such as glass bedding, the use of synthetic or laminated stocks is permitted.

(c) No rifles chambered for the 7.62mm NATO (.308 Winchester) cartridge may be used.

(d) Only metallic “as-issued” sights will be permitted.

AMMUNITION:  ALL Competitors will supply their own ammunition. .30-06 ammo will be available for sale.  Any safe BRASS CASE ammunition may be used. NO STEEL CASE AMMO.


COURSE OF FIRE:  5 sighting shots and 30 rounds for record, fired at 200 yards, SR Target.

Stage 1, 5 Sighting shots and 10 shots for record, prone position, slow fire, time limit 15 minutes.

Stage 2, 10 shots for record, standing to prone, rapid fire, time limit 80 seconds.

Stage 3, 10 shots for record, standing position, slow fire, time limit 10 minutes.

ALIBIS:  No alibis or re-fires due to rifle or ammunition malfunctions are allowed during any stage of this match.  It is important that the rifle you use be in good working condition.

Awards: Participants placing 1st – 3rd, will receive certificates; provided there are at least five (5) competitors competing in each division. There must be 5 or more Entries in a division for one award, 10 or more for two awards, and 15 for the third award.

Score Results: Will all be possessed by CMP and posted to the CMP Competition Tracker

Certificates: CMP certificates of completion / participation for this match will be sent by the Highpower Division upon request only and will carry a $3.00 fee for postage and handling charges.

Directions to Monroe Rifle and Pistol Club (MRPC)

1220 Yensch Road, Dundee, Michigan



From Ann Arbor: Proceed south on US-23 to Plank Road,  Exit onto

Plank Road and proceed east for about 10 miles. Turn left onto

Yensch Road, the Club is about ½ mile north on the right hand side.




Note Camping / Lodging is not available at MRPC.

There are numerous hotels in Dundee, near Cabela’s.





Mail entries between March 10th and April 10th to:

MRPA Highpower, 3915 Stoney Ridge Drive, Fort Gratiot, Michigan 48059

Make checks payable to: MRPA Highpower

April 18, 2015 MRPA Garand Match Entry Form

Entry Fees $25.00. If a competitor wishes to shoot a second type of firearm the second entry fee is $15.00. THIS  DOES NOT INCLUDE AMMO

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