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Monroe Rifle & Pistol Club CMP Games Match

  • 26 Sep 2020
  • 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Monroe Rifle & Pistol Club

Match Location: Monroe Rifle & Pistol Club. 1220 Yensch Rd, Dundee, MI

Match Dates: Saturday September 26, 2020

Match Results: Matches are CMP registered and scores reported at CMP competition tracker @ http://ct.thecmp.org

Registration & Firing: Registration, 0900– 0945. Mandatory Safety Briefing, 0945. Live fire, 1000

Eligibility: Open to U.S. Citizen 12 years of age or older.

Entry fees: $10 Adult, $5 Junior (under 21), This is a re-fire match and competitors may fire 2 times as space allows. 2nd Match fee is $10 Adult, $15 Junior (under 21).

Rules: Match rules per CMP Games Rulebook 8th edition dated 1/1/2020

Qualifying Firearms:

● AIMR per the following – 4.2.1 (General), 4.2.2 (Garand), 4.2.3 (Springfield), 4.2.4 (other US Mil), 4.2.5 (Foreign Mil)

● Special Military Rifles per the following – 5.1 (General), 5.2.1 (Carbine), 5.2.2 (Mod Mil), 5.2.3 (MM A), 5.2.4 (MM B)

● Unlimited Category – 5.2.6 (Garand), 5.2.5 (Modern Military – AR, M1A, etc)

Ammunition: Competitors will supply their own ammunition. Any safe factory or reloaded ammunition.

Muzzle Devices: Standard bird cage flash hiders acceptable as allowed by rules, no muzzle breaks allowed.

Sling use:  Slings per 3.6 shall be used in all stages and positions except for standing

Match Conditions:  This will be a walk & paste match, competitors will have to walk down range on multiple occasions. 

Competitor Supplies: Competitors shall supply their own pit supplies (Staples, stapler, pasters)

Course of fireCMP As Issued Military Rifle Course A per 4.5 Table 3  

● Sighting (any position) – 8 minute sighting in period.  Prep + 5 sighting shots combined

● Slow fire prone – 10 shots in 10 minutes – Single load only

● Rapid fire prone –10 shot beginning from standing in a time limit of 80 seconds, with reload

● Slow fire standing – 10 shots in 10 minutes – Single load only

Target usage – 200 yard standard SR target for all stages

Achievement Awards:  Achievement Pins awarded for qualifying cut scores in each rifle category of this match program

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