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  • 02 Jan 2021
  • 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Monroe Rifle & Pistol Club

When: January 2, 2021

Time: Squadding begins @ 8 am, firing begins @ 9 am.  Registration closes at 8:45 am

Where: Monroe Rifle & Pistol Club - 1220 Yensch Rd - Dundee, MI

Cost: $20 Adult (18+), Under 18 Free.  Open to all eligible competitors (minimum age is 12)

Capacity:  40 competitor cap (20 firing points, 2 relays). You may RSVP to: mrpchighpower@gmail.com

Re-Entry:  Competitors re-enter for a 2nd match if room on relay 2 permits at a cost of $10.

If you DO NOT have a rifle you may borrow a club rifle but I will need pre-registration from any and all competitors who wish to borrow a club rifle. Garand suitable Ammunition will be available for purchase at the club. 

Garand, Springfield, Krag, Enfield, Johnson, M1 Carbine and legal vintage military bolt action rifle only. Per:

CMP 8th Edition Games Rules dated 11/12/2020

4.2.1 - General As issued Rules

4.2.2 - As Issued M1 Garand

4.2.3 - As Issued 1903 Springfield 

4.2.4 - Other As Issues U.S. Military Rifles

4.2.5 - As Issued Foreign Military Rifles

5.2.1 - As Issued M1 Carbine


Course Of Fire:  CMP Course B (50 shots + 5 sighting shots)

200 yards on the NRA SR target

  • 3 minute prep + 25 minutes for 5 sighting shots + 20 shots for record (top 20 scored) Slow prone.
  • 3 minute prep + 80 seconds for 10 shots for record, with reload, prone from standing.
  • 3 minute prep + 80 seconds for 10 shots for record, with reload, sitting from standing.
  • 3 minute prep + 10 minutes for 10 shots for record from standing.

Prizes awarded:

Any prized donated by 3rd parties and will be announced at time of match and awarded after all firing completed.

CMP achievement pins will be awarded.

This match SHALL happen unless the following weather conditions are met: windchill below zero, rain (liquid), freezing rain.  Snow will not stop this match unless we repeat the Blizzard of ‘78. So bring your warm clothing, heaters, hand warmers and snow shovels. 

MRPC will furnish the range and targets. Competitors should bring their own range supplies (staple gun & pasters) and will be responsible for setting up their own target.

This match shall run concurrently with the CMP Winter Home Range Appreciation Smallbore Prone match – Competitors may fire in both this match and that match in the same day. 

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