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  • 2013 Michigan High Power Rifle Metallic Silhouette State Championship

2013 Michigan High Power Rifle Metallic Silhouette State Championship

  • 24 Aug 2013
  • 8:00 AM
  • 25 Aug 2013
  • 4:00 PM
  • Camp Grayling, Michigan


  • Single Day Entry
  • Adult two rifles

Registration is closed


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2013 Match Dates:


April    27 & 28

June       15 & 16

July     13 & 14

August 24 & 25

State Championship (see note under "COURSE OF FIRE:") 


LOCATION: Range 10 at the Camp Grayling Military Reservation. Camp Grayling is located off of M-72, just west of Grayling, Michigan. The barracks, administration, etc. are now inside a fenced, security area and, at this time, no personal firearms are allowed within that area, so it is necessary to go to Range 10, which is outside the security area, via Arrowhead road.

See accommodations section for additional information on access to the barracks area.

Directions to Camp Grayling – Range 10, Via Arrowhead Road

•·         Starting just west of Grayling at the M72 – M93 junction, take M72 west 4.7 miles and then turn left (west) onto Arrowhead Road. Yes, that is correct. M72 is going NW there.

•·         Continue west on Arrowhead Road 1.1 miles until it curves left (south) and turns into Kalkaska County Line Road.

•·         Continue south on Kalkaska County Line Road 0.7 miles and then bear right (west).

•·         Continue west 0.4 miles and then take the left fork (SW) onto Portage Creek Road.

•·         Continue SW 0.5 miles on Portage Creek Road and then turn left (SE) (this takes you into Camp Grayling).

•·         Continue SE 0.3 miles and then turn right (SW) at the sign that directs you to Range 18.

•·         Continue past the road to Range 18 (0.3 mi.) through the S-curve to the right and then back left for a total of 2.1 miles until you come to the pavement at the Portage Creek Bridge.

•·         Continue on pavement 1.4 miles to stop sign at Howe Road and then turn left (east).

•·         Continue east 0.4 miles to Range 10 on the left (north) side of the road.

For those who want to try out their GPS, the firing line is: N 44° 37.602′, W 084° 51.910′

ELIGIBILITY:  Participation in these tournaments is open to anyone with a 6mm or larger caliber rifle that meets the specifications in the NRA Silhouette Rule Book. Competitors must be  members of the M.R.P.A. (sign-up available at the range) or their home state association. 

COURSE OF FIRE:  The NRA sanctioned 40 round matches will begin at ≈ 10:00 a.m. on Saturday and ≈ 9:00 a.m. on Sunday and will consist of ten shots fired at each of the following silhouettes:  Chicken (200 yards), Pig (300 meters), Turkey (385 meters), and Ram (500 meters).

Note: For the State Championship, we will have two 40 shot matches for the hunting rifle on Saturday and two 40 shot matches for the standard rifle on Sunday.

Reminder: Your hunting rifle can be used to compete in both categories.  

SIGHT-IN PERIOD: A sight-in period will be provided from ≈ 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. on Saturday and ≈ 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. on Sunday.  Bench rests will be available to use for sight-in on the hanging targets (gongs). No silhouette targets on stands will be shot from the benches.

Practice from the standing position will be allowed on all targets.


SAFETY:  Empty Chamber Indicators (available at range) will be in place at all times except between the READY and CEASE FIRE commands.  Rifles will be removed from the firing line prior to target service. The next relay will not take their rifles to the firing line until instructed to do so by the range officer after target service. Always carry your rifle with the muzzle up. After being placed in the rack on the firing line, rifles are not to be handled prior to the READY command.  Each competitor is allowed one coach on the firing line.  All others (except scorekeepers) must remain behind the line (off of the berm).

NOTE: Eye and ear protection is required for all people on the firing line.

LIABILITY:  The M.R.P.A. and officers accept no liability for personal injury, theft, or property damage involving competitors, spectators, or target setters. 

CLASSIFICATION:  The NRA Silhouette classification system will be used.  Classification books must be presented when registering at the range. Shooters without classifications will be placed in the highest class for their first match and will then be put in their appropriate class, based on the score from their first match, for the second match.  If there are five unclassified shooters at a tournament, they will stay in that class for the entire tournament and an award will be given for that class.

ENTRY FEES:  Entries will be taken at the range on the day of the match.  Entry fees below include both matches.  One-day match fees are available and junior entry fees are one half regular entry fees.

                   Entry fee – One rifle $40.00, Two rifles $50.00

                  State Championship entry fee – One rifle $35.00, Both rifles $55.00

                   M.R.P.A. Annual membership – $20.00    Juniors – $10.00

                   NRA Classification book – $13.00

Note: Entry fees will be waived for a competitor who is certified as an EMT or first responder and is willing to serve as our EMT for the match. You must contact the match director at least two weeks prior to the match so arrangements can be confirmed.

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER:  For those who have never shot any type of silhouette before, your entry fee will include the M.R.P.A. membership!

SQUADDING:  These are squadded matches.  Competitors wishing special squadding should get to the range early!

SCORING:  Scoring will be on the scorecards provided.  Competitors are required to score the relay immediately following their relay.  Tie scores will be broken by shoot-off, immediately after each day's firing.

TARGETS:  Competitors, who are able, will set targets.

RULES:  Current NRA rules and regulations will apply.  These may be obtained from NRA.

Reminder:  It is the competitor’s responsibility to be in compliance with all rules. Those not

in compliance will not be eligible for awards; however, they may be permitted, most likely        encouraged, to participate, subject to the discretion of the match director.

HIGH POWER SILHOUETTE RIFLE: A rifle, 6mm or larger in caliber, meeting the NRA Rule 3.1 specifications.

HIGH POWER HUNTING RIFLE:  A hunting style rifle, 6mm or larger in caliber, meeting the NRA Rule 3.1.1 specifications.

AWARDS:  Daily awards for standard and hunting rifle, and aggregate awards will be given as follows:

                                                                        Daily                Aggregate

                                                                        Awards                        Awards

                  Match winner                                  $10.00                        $20.00

                  1st place (five or more in a class)  $  7.50                        $15.00

                  2nd place (eight or more in a class)           $  5.00                        $10.00            

                  3rd place (twelve or more in a class) $  3.50                     $  7.00            

If there are two, three. or four competitors in a class, the class award will be for first aggregate only.  If there is only one competitor in a class, the competitor will be combined into the next higher class.  Deviations from this schedule based on total attendance will be announced before the start of the match.  Awards will be distributed immediately after each match in an awards ceremony.  Five and ten in-a-row pins will also be awarded.

RECREATIONAL SHOOTING:  After the match is completed on Saturday, the range will remain open for additional shooting.  Bring out all of those extra guns you never shoot!  We will be shooting out to 1000 yards, from any position, or off of the bench.

ACCOMODATIONS:  Motel accommodations are available, but should be reserved in advance as they are often filled.  Camping facilities are also available in nearby campgrounds and free, primitive camping is available at Range 10.  Barracks and bath facilities are usually available in Camp Grayling. Inquire at Range 10 on Friday evening or Saturday to obtain directions and the barracks number. If you do stay in the barracks, all belongings must be removed before the match Sunday morning.

As indicated earlier, the barracks are inside a fenced, security area. You will need to have your name included on a list of persons participating in our matches that MRPA provides to Camp Grayling, in order to access that area. Please call in advance to have your name added to the list.

No personal firearms or ammunition are permitted within the security area at this time, so if you desire to stay in the barracks you must make arrangements to store your firearms outside of the security area. There are a couple of alternatives that you may want to consider after discussions with us.

MEALS:  There is no scheduled lunch break or catering service provided, so bring your own.

Weather permitting, there will be a pot-luck cook-out on Saturday evening during the August match.


Gary Dawson 

1070 Woodbridge Lane

Rochester, MI  48306  

Phone: 248-652-2089   E-mail: gdwoodbridge@aol.com



Recommend calling to verify if you haven’t received an official match bulletin.

Also check on the web at http://www.mrpasilhouette.org/schedule.htm for latest information.

Alpena Sportsmen’s Club

Ray LaCross – 989-354-3847 

Saturdays:  2013 – TBD

High Power only:  Sight-in – 10:00, Match – 11:00    Note: These are 60 shot matches

North side of M32 (1.4 mi. east of airport entrance) ≈ 4 miles west of Alpena

Take Sportsmen Drive 0.5 mi to clubhouse. Bear right at clubhouse and follow road to range.

Dorr (Southkent Sportsmen’s Club)

Dean Danforth – 616-813-6430, Ronald Commans – 616-896-9000, Rich Corey – 616-457-9111

2nd Saturday:  2013 –  April 13, May 11, June 8, July 13, August 10, September 14, October 12

High Power:  Sight-in –  9:00, Match –  10:00

Smallbore: Following High Power, after short lunch break.

Covered, cement firing line.

U.S. 131 South of Grand Rapids                      GPS:       N 42˚ 42.581'        W 85˚ 47.492'

Exit 68 (142nd Ave.)

Proceed west to 24th Street (≈ 5½ Miles). 

Turn left (south) and continue to 140th Ave. (≈ 1 mile).

Turn right (west) and continue to club entrance on left (south) side of road (≈ ¾ mile).

Alma/Ithaca (Alan P. Goodrich Rifle and Pistol Club)

Richard Schleder – 989-875-8007,  Dave Eichorn – 989-875-5049

Sundays:   2013 –  May 26, June 23, July 28, August 18, September 29

High Power: Sight-in – 8:30, Match – 10:00

Smallbore: Following High Power, after short break (≈1:00).

Covered, cement firing line.

U.S. 127 to exit 119 (Polk Road, 1st exit north of Ithaca).         GPS:        N 43˚ 20.241'        W 84˚ 35.304'      

Proceed east to first intersection (Croswell Rd.) [≈ 1 mile].

Turn left (north) and continue to stop sign at Tyler Rd. (≈ 1 mile).

Entrance to range is directly across Tyler Rd.

Washtenaw Sportsmen’s Club

5095 Ellis Road, Ypsilanti, MI 48197             GPS:       N 42˚ 38.308'        W 83˚ 38.308'

Larry Medler – 313-292-3324       larrymedler@comcast.net

Sundays: 2013 –  April 14, May 19, June 9, July 7, August 11, September 15, October 13

Smallbore only: Range set up 9:00, Sight-in 10:00, Match 11:00

South of Michigan Ave. between US 23 and I-94

Covered, cement firing line.

I-94 exit 181 (Michigan Ave. [U.S. 12])

Turn left (south) on Ellis Road immediately west of interchange

Follow Ellis Road east which turns south to range entrance (≈1.3 miles from U.S. 12) on left (east).

 Smallbore Silhouette Range is across from Club House.

Gaylord (Northland Sportsmen’s Club)

Neil R. Booze – 231-536-7093      nrbooze@sbcglobal.net

Saturdays:  2013 –  TBD

Smallbore only:   Sight-in – 9:00, Match – 10:00   Note: These are 60 shot matches.

I-75 Exit 279 (old 27) south of Gaylord

Proceed SW on old 27 to North Ostego Lake Dr. (On the right [north], just west of I-75.)

Follow N. Ostego Lake Dr. ½ mile to Old Alba Rd. (N. Ostego Lake Dr. changes to W. Osteego Lake Dr. @ Old Alba)

Turn left (west) on Old Alba

Clubhouse is on NE corner of Old Alba and W. Ostego Lake Dr.

Smallbore State Championship:

Detroit Sportsmen’s Congress

49800 Dequindre, Utica, MI 48317

Rich Franke – 586-286-1337            richfranke@gmail.com

Standard Rifle – June 29, Two 40 shot matches

Hunting Rifle – June 30, Two 40 shot matches

Approximately 2 miles north of M-59

Range is east of Dequindre off Juengel Road (≈200 yards north of Hamlin Rd.)

Turn east on Juengel Road. Go to first gate on north side and follow road to range.

For those who want to use their GPS, the range is: N 42° 39.442’, W 83° 05.311’


Ridgway, Pennsylvania

Smallbore: August 4 - 6,   High Power: August 8 - 10  

Contact NRA Silhouette Division for program.

E-mail: silhouette@nrahq.org

Phone: 703-267-1474

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