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  • 2013 Michigan CMP Style Doubles Match

2013 Michigan CMP Style Doubles Match

  • 18 May 2013
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Blue Water Sportsman's Club


  • Adult Entry - MRPA Member
  • Non MRPA member charge
  • Entry fee for Juniors, member or not.

Registration is closed


MichiganRifle & Pistol Association Presents: 

CMP style Doubles Match

19 May 2013


Location: The match will be fired at the Blue Water Sportsman’s Club.

NRA Rules: This is a registered tournament, national records are recognized and NRA Rules will govern. All competitors are expected to read the ‘MRPA 2013 Highpower Instructions’ which contains MRPA rules, general info, forms, directions and lodging info, available on the next few pages.

Information and Entries mail to:

MRPA Highpower, 3915 Stoney Ridge Drive, Fort Gratiot, Michigan 48059 or enter on-line

Fees: Adults $40; Juniors $30.

Fee Disbursement: 25% of gross receipts for awards. $8.00 per shooter to BWSA.

Advance entries: Must be postmarked seven days in advance of the match date to reach us in time, and must be accompanied by full payment by check or money order.  $5.00 of the entry fee is non-refundable and will be held for a ‘No-show.’ Phone and e-mail entries will not be accepted.

Post entries: Are accepted the day of the match, up to range capacity, and are on a first come first served basis; and may be paid by check, money order or in cash.

Registration & Squadding: SQUADDING is on MATCH DAYS ONLY from 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM each day. The Stat Office is located at the clubhouse. Match registration and squadding will be in the clubhouse. Parking for matches is in the main parking lot in front of the clubhouse. No Vehicles / ATVs on the range unless involved in running the match.

Time of Firing: 9:00 AM, the pits will seal at

8:45 AM.

Rifle and Ammunition: Service Rifle Division – NRA Rules 3.1, 3.1.1 or 3.1.2. All competitors must use brass cased ammunition, no steel case ammo allowed.

Sights: Metallic, Rule 3.7a.Course of Fire Sunday, 19 June 2013: CMP– 30 Shot Presidents’Match Course, no sighting shots. Rules governed by CMP: Service Rifles (M-1, M-1A/M-14 and AR-15/M-16 only). This is a two-person team match where both team members fire a 30-shot course of fire with service rifles. Both team members fire 10 shots standing at 200 yards, 10 shots rapid fire prone at 300 yards and 10 shots slow fire prone at 600 yards with no sighters. Firing is done on the SR target at 200 and 300 yards and the MR target at 600 yards. Teams must pair fire the standing and prone slow fire stages. In pair firing, both members alternate firing on the same target.

Competitors will be required to stand for the rapid fire stages of the CMP style match.

Divisions, Categories and Classes: There will be no separate categories, only class awards in the service rifle division, provided there are sufficient numbers of competitors in each class.

AWARDS: Class winners for Aggregate score will be cash.

Award Disposition: There will only be one award per class. Teams will be classified by average class of members.

Pit Rotation will be the same as a 3-person rotation.

200 Slow Fire= Team 1 firing, Team 2 scoring, Team 3 pits/ Team 2 firing, Team 3 Scoring, Team 1 pits/ Team 3 firing, Team 1 scoring, Team 2 pits

300 Rapid Fire= Team 3 firing, Team 1 scoring, Team 2 pits/ Team 1 firing, Team 2 scoring, Team 3 pits/ Team 2 firing, Team 3 scoring, Team 1 pits

600 Slow Fire= Team 3 firing, Team 2 scoring, Team 1 pits/ Team 2 firing, Team 1 scoring, Team 3 pits/ Team 1 firing, Team 3 scoring, Team 2 pits


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