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  • 2014 Black Powder Regional Championship

2014 Black Powder Regional Championship

  • 09 Aug 2014
  • 8:00 AM
  • 10 Aug 2014
  • 4:00 PM
  • Camp Grayling, Grayling, Michigan


  • Non-Juniors firing both days
  • Adult non-member both days

Registration is closed

2014 Grayling

Long Range Black Powder Target Rifle

Regional Championship

August 9-10, 2014 Range 10 Camp Grayling, Grayling, MI.


Hosted by the Michigan Rifle and Pistol Association Black Powder Division

RIFLES- Any safe original or reproduction muzzle loader or breech loading single shot rifle chambered in an original black powder cartridge.  Must comply with N.R.A. rules.

BULLETS- Lead, no gas checks, paper patch ok.

SIGHTS- Original type vernier rear and aperture front. Hadley eyecups ok. Scope class-original style ¾” scope and mounts.

PROPELLANT- Black powder only, no duplex. Match director may pull cartridges at random to assure compliance. No camming tools allowed to chamber a cartridge. Thumb pressure only.

COURSE OF FIRE- 1000-900-800 yds. prone. Unlimited sighters.  Three 15 shot 45 minute stages on Sat. Two 10 shot 30 minute stages on Sun. International rest or x-sticks. This is an N.R.A. Registered match. State and national records may be set.  N.R.A. L.R.B.P. Target rifle rules apply. We use 3 man squads.

FRIDAY- Registration and practice. Practice ends at 4:00p.m. Everyone will shoot and take turns in the pits.  Practice fee $10.00 (Goes to

Camp Grayling)

SATURDAY- Registration and shooters meeting at 7:30 am. Match begins as soon as range conditions permit. 1000, 900, 800 yd 15 shot stages.

SUNDAY- Shooters meeting at 7:30 am. Match begins as soon as range conditions permit. Two 10 shot 1000 yd. stages.

RULES-Open bolt indicators, hearing and eye protection required. Everyone will score and take their turn in the pits. Bring sunglasses, food, water, bug dope and rain gear.  Shooter jury will consist of M.R.P.A. B.P. committee members present.

AWARDS- 1ST – 2nd_ 3rd  for Master, Expert, Sharpshooter and Marksman categories in Iron Sight Class, 1st only Saturday 800-900-1000 aggregate total for Iron Sight and Scope Class, and 1st- 2nd- 3rd for 2 day aggregate total in both Iron Sight and Scope Classes (NRA Regional Medals). The Michigan resident that gets the highest aggregate score will become the long range B.P. target rifle State Champion in both Iron and Scope Classes.  One award for  Muzzle Loader, High Senior, High Woman, Tollofson, and Military Rifle in Iron Sight Class. All competitors without a scope will be in Iron Sight Class regardless of rifle used and shoot in their NRA classification categories (Master, Expert, Sharp Shooter). All competitors with a scope will be in Scope Class. Scope Class awards may be added depending on number of entrants. Some awards may be mailed depending on the number of entrants.

FEES- All entrants must join or be members in good standing of the M.R.P.A. ($20.00) If  you are currently a member of another state’s association this fee is waived.  Match fee $50.00.  PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! Camp Grayling requires a list of all shooters attending IN ADVANCE!   Firearms can be brought through the front gate, however you MUST drive straight through to the back gate without stopping as FIREARMS AND AMMO ARE NOT ALLOWED in the containment area. Grayling insurance regulations require membership in the M.R.P.A.

DIRECTIONS AND ACCOMODATIONS- See attached. Camping allowed on range. Outhouse on site but no water. No fires.  Barracks accommodations are available at no charge but you must contact Ron Walters before August 2 to reserve your bunk.  Remember if you stay in the barracks you must keep your rifle and ammo locked in the range building on range 10 overnight.  Contact Ron Walters @ 989-422-3050 or e-mail @ hepburn3850@charter.net 


You must give us your cell phone number when pre-registering due to the possibility of a last minute cancellation by the military!


PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED by phone or e-mail by Aug. 2, 2014.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  You must show your state association card.  We will try to honor all squadding requests but no guarantee.

To register or to get additional information contact match director Bill Bruske at: 231-326-3368 or e-mail @ tinatb@aol.com or Ron Walters @ 989-422-3050 or e-mail @ hepburn3850@charter.net


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