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2022 National Matches NTIT and NTT Team Criteria

  • 17 Feb 2021 3:35 PM
    Message # 10110292
    James Root II (Administrator)

    Dear High Power Competitors,

    The following is to notify all interested parties about requirements for being considered for team inclusion as well as how teams will be chosen and managed. 

    You may contact me at:

    James Root


    Team Participation Requirements.

    1.  MRPA will field and subsidize 1 state association sponsored team for NTT and 2 teams for NTIT.  A "In Competition" Gold team (NTT & NTIT) and an "Out of Competition" Silver team (NTIT only).  

    2. Must be MRPA member in good standing at the time of committing to want to participate on a team (minimum of 30 days prior to match date).

    3.  Must be a Michigan Resident.  Ohio residents who regularly participate in Michigan matches who wish to participate should contact me ( as a waiver must be obtained from CMP if you wish to participate on the "in competition" or Gold team.

    4. Competitors should make every attempt to participate in both the Michigan ATC State Championship (BWSA - May 14) and the Michigan Reduce Course State Championship (Capital City - June 5).  

    5.  If a competitor cannot make the above match or matches then a match fee will be assessed (to be paid before firing the team match(s)) in order to be a firing member of either the Silver of Gold teams.

    6.  Competitors who wish to fire in NTIT (Rattle Battle) on state association teams should attend both NTIT practice dates at BWSA (July 10 and 23).  This is mandatory for any Gold Team firing member or hopeful (New Shooter).

    Team Management

    1.  Competitors who have previously fired on state association teams have first right of refusal to fire on teams before new competitors will be considered.

    2.  Every attempt will be made to fill the "New Shooter" position on the Gold team from the Silver team firing members. 

    3.  Every attempt will be made to not burn more than one New Shooter for Gold team.

    4.  Competitor performance will be tracked throughout the year in order to best assess who is burnt as New Shooter and which Old Shooters are best suited for Gold NTT Team.  

    5.  Previous Gold Team members will be rotated to Silver Team if they wish to fire in the match (NTIT).

    6. NTIT Silver team competitors will supply their own ammunition.

    7.  NTIT Gold Team New shooter will be selected after last NTIT Practice @ BWSA.

    8.  NTT Gold Team New Shooter will be selected at Camp Perry after Conclusion of NTI.

    9.  In the event we do not have enough shooters (12) for the NTIT a Michigan residents will get first opportunity to participate.  After that any eligible shooter will be considered to fill out Silver teams.

    10.  10 competitors will be selected based on year performance going into Camp Perry for NTT team.  6 or 7 "Burnt" shooters and 3 or 4 "Unburnt" shooters.  Final firing team will be comprised of 5 "burnt" and 1 "unburnt" shooter selected after conclusion of P100 & NTI, based on performance.

    11.  Remaining 4 NTT competitors will, by luck of random draw, either perform pit duty or scoring duty.  Competitors refusing to participate will no longer be eligible to compete on a state association team.  

    12.  MRPA will pay the $100 match fee per team, per match (3 match fees)

    13.  MRPA will supply practice and match ammunition for MRPA Gold NTIT team.

    14.  MRPA will supply team shirts for NTT Gold team members (all 10).  

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