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Michigan Metric Prone Regional June 25-26 2022

  • 09 Jul 2022 3:25 PM
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    Clifford Miller (Administrator)

    5 sling and 5 f class shooters attended the NRA metric prone Regional at Capital City Rifle Club. The weather was clear and sunny but the wind made for changing conditions.

    Results iron sights

    1st Mike O'Connor    1545 69x

    2nd Michelle Bohren    1508 32x

    3rd Whitney Everest    1493 22x

    f class

    1st Mark Javit    1554 79x

    2nd Ed Gostomski    1554 74x

    3rd Steve Goyette    1548 58x

    4th Steve Kern    1526 62x 

    5th Kelley Neeley    1514 72x

    Any sight

    1st Gary Duda    1556 63x

    2nd Mike O'Connor    1553 70x

    3rd Michelle Bohren    1544 51x

    4th Whitney Everest    1507 32x

    5th Jess Wang    1387 14x

    f class

    1st Ed Gostomski    1570 89x

    2nd Kelley Neeley    1564 79x

    3rd Mark Javit    1563 86x

    4th Steve Goyette    1556 71x 

    5th Steve Kern    1360 55x

    Match Total

    1st Mike O'Connor    3098 139x   senior

    2nd Michelle Bohren    3052 83x  woman  

    3rd Whitney Everest    3000 54x  senior

    4th Gary Duda    1556 63x  senior

    5th Jess Wang    1387 14x  woman

    f class

    1st Ed Gostomski    3124 163x

    2nd Mark Javit    3117 165x

    3rd Steve Goyette    3104 129x

    4th Kelley Neeley    3078 151x

    5th Steve Kern    2886 117x

    I would like to thank Mike O'Connor for helping to run the match.

    Clif Miller smallbore director

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