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  • 24 Aug 2022 4:46 PM
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    Clifford Miller (Administrator)

    Seven sling and 3 f class shooters attended the state prone championship held at the Capital City Rifle Club range. The weather was sunny and wind was very calm. I was looking for some 1600 scores but was not to be.

    Results iron sights

    1st Mike O'Connor ma sen    1598 123x

    2nd Whitney Everest ex sen    1589 83x

    3rd Cameron Zwart ex civ    1584 97x

    4th Gary Duda ex sen    1583 94x

    5th Mark Garmo col    1536 51x

    6th Annie He jr    1518 28x

    7th David He ij    1408 23x

    f class

    1st Steve Goyette sen    1584 103x

    2nd Ed Gostomski sen    1572 91x

    3rd Kelley Neeley sen    1561 71x

    Any sight

    1st Mike O'Connor    1599 130x

    2nd Caneron Zwart    1598 125x

    3rd Whitney Everest    1595 113x

    4th Gary Duda    1591 108x

    f class

    1st Ed Gostomski    1587 111x

    2nd Steve Goyette    1580 88x

    3rd Kelley Neeley    1572 96X


    1st Mike O'Connor    3197 253x    STATE CHAMPION

    2nd Whitney Everest    3184 196x

    3rd Cameron Zwart    3182 222x

    4th Gary Duda    3174 202x 

    5th Mark Garmo    1536 51x

    6th Annie He    1518 28x

    7th David He    1408 23x

    f class

    1st Steve Goyette    3164 191x STATE CHAMPION 

    2nd Ed Gostomski    3159 202x

    3rd Kelley Neeley    3133 167x

    After 20 plus years I am retiring as chief range officer. I have enjoyed working with Mike o'Connor, Thanks for putting up with me.

    Clif Miller

    smallbore director

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