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Michigan Indoor Metric 3-Position/Air rifle Championship March 11-12 2023

  • 29 Apr 2023 5:06 PM
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    Clifford Miller (Administrator)

    Sixteen shooters attended the match.

    Results 3position

    Cameron Zwart    560 24x  Winner

    Mikita Vasilchuk    545 6x   second

    Braden Michalak    538 9x   1st Marksman

    Yichen Wang    528 4x    1st ss & High Collegiate

    Sydney Smith    523 7x    High Women

    Carley Allison   521 8x

    Jessica Wang    510 6x

    Annie He    499 2x

    Zach Simpson    496 4x

    Bochem Pham    495 4x

    Brennen Daudlin    468 6x

    Adam Munith    454 4x

    Air Rifle

    Mitika Vasilchuk    580 32x    Match winner

    Braden Michalak    574 30x   2nd

    Mark Garmo    563 23x    3rd

    Sydney Smith    547 15x    High Collegiate

    Cameron Zwart    546 13x    1st expert

    Annie He    539 15x

    Yichen Wang    539 15x

    Jessica Wang    538 10x

    Carley Allison    534 11x 

    Lily Haghpassand    529 14x    1ss

    Bochem Pham    524 9x

    Zach Simpson    520 6x

    Brennen Daudlin    501 6x

    Adam Klusman    485 6x

    Lynn Richter    484 2x

    Larry Howell    407 3x

    I wish to thank Mike O'Connor and the Jackson Sportsman Club for hosting the match.

    Clif Miller MRPA Smallbore director 

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