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Michigan Conventional Prone Regional May 13/14 2023

  • 23 May 2023 1:32 PM
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    Clifford Miller (Administrator)

    Results Irons

    Whitney Everest senior  1597 109x

    Gary Duda senior  1568 63x

    Norbert Norden senior  1554 62x

    Sydney Smith Woman  1519 42x

    Larry Remsynder  Senior  1470 32x

    F Class

    Steve Goyette Senior  1585 93x

    Kelley Neeley Senior  1582 97x

    Results Any sight

    Whitney Everest Senior  1592 91x

    Gary Duda Senior  1586 98x

    Larry Remsynder Senior  1572 69x

    Norbert Norden Senior  1560 57x

    Sydney Smith Woman  1558 59x

    Jess Wang Woman  1532 50x

    F class

    Kelley Neeley  1569 87x

    Final match totals

    Whitney Everest Senior 3189 200x  Winner

    Gary Duda Senior  3154 161x  High ex/ ss

    Norbert Norden Senior  3114 119x

    Sydney Smith Woman  3077 101x

    Larry Remsynder  Senior  3042 101x

    Jess Wang  Woman  1532 50x

    F Class

    Kelley Neeley Senior  3151 184x  Winner

    Steve Goyette Senior  1585 93x

    I wish to thank Mike O'Connor and the Jackson Club for running and hosting the match.

    Clif Miller Smallbore Director

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