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Michigan Metric Prone Regional June 24/25 2023

  • 01 Jul 2023 5:17 PM
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    Clifford Miller (Administrator)

    Eleven sling and f class shooters attended the match held at Capital City rifle club range

    First day Irons

    James Miller ex 1537 58x  Winner

    Whitney Everest ex   1503 40x

    Gary Duda ex 1489 31x

    Annie He ss col   1417 25x

    Daniel He mk jr   1312 15x

    F Class

    Dave Strycharz ma   1572 84x  Winner

    Kelley Neeley ma   1563 89x

    Steve Goyette ma   1550 65x

    Larry Remsynder ex   1549 64x

    James Weinrich ex   1545 64x

    Second day any sight

    James Miller ex   1552 70x  Winner

    Gary Duda ex   1516 47x

    Whitney Everest ex   1489 41x

    Sydney Smith ss col   1424 20x

    F class

    Steve Goyette ma   1581 89x  Winner

    Dave Strycharz ma   1576 103x

    Kelley Neeley ma   1571 77x

    Larry Remsynder ex   1535 56x


    James Miller ex 3089 128x  Sling match winner

    Gary Duda ex   3005 78x

    Whitney Everest ex   2992 81x

    Sydney Smith ss col   1424 20x 

    Annie He ss col   1417 25x

    Daniel He mk jr   1312 15x

    F class

    Dave Strycharz ma   3148 187x  f class match winner

    Kelley Neeley ma   3134 166x

    Steve Goyette ma  3131 154x

    Larry Remsynder ex   3084 120x

    James Weinrich ex   1545 64x

    I wish to thank Mike O'Connor for running the match and Marian for helping to score.

    Clif Miller smallbore director

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