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Division Elections

  • 12 Jan 2015 7:57 PM
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    On March 22, 2015, prior to the start of the Annual Meeting, the Pistol Division will be nominating a Pistol Director and four Pistol Committee persons. 

    The Pistol Director will serve a 2 year term. 

    Two Pistol Committee persons will be elected to serve 2 year terms.

    Two Pistol committee persons will be elected to serve 1 year terms.

    Please make plans to attend this important meeting, and consider how you can help and be involved in Pistol Division and the State Association activities, purpose, and objective.

    The following section of the State Association By-Laws will direct nomination and election procedures:  

    Section 8 - Nomination and Election Procedures

    At least thirty (30) days before the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors shall require the
    President to appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of one (1) member from each Division.
    At the Division meetings before the Annual Meeting, the Nominating committee Members shall
    meet with the Division Directors and the members participating in the Division meetings. They
    shall provide to each Division a list of Officers and Directors whose offices are vacant, and
    receive and list the nominations from these Division Meetings.

    At the Division meetings, each Division shall nominate and elect a Director for its own Division.
    The election shall be subject to ratification by the membership at the Annual meeting.

    All nominees must be present at the Annual Meeting to be eligible for election, or, if unable to be
    present, must submit a letter of acceptance of the nomination to the Secretary/Treasurer. All
    members nominated to be an Officer or Director must be Annual or Life Members of the
    Association for at least five (5) consecutive years. The nominees for Division Director must
    have experience or competitive classification within that Division’s shooting discipline. The
    Nominating Committee shall verify the qualifications of every nominee. Since all qualified
    voting members will have been asked for nominations by the Nominating Committee at each
    Division Meeting preceding the Annual Meeting, there shall be no nominations from the floor at
    the Annual Meeting.

    The Chairman selected by the Nominating Committee shall submit these nominees to the voting
    membership at the Annual Meeting. If there are more nominees than vacant positions, the vote
    shall be done by secret ballot.

    Officers and Directors shall be elected by a majority vote of those members present who are
    entitled to vote. Nominees to uncontested vacancies shall be declared elected by unanimous

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