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2021 Reduced Course High Power State Championship Results

  • 06 May 2021 12:55 PM
    Message # 10448405
    James Root II (Administrator)

    Thank you to all who participated in the 2021 Michigan Reduced Course High Power State Championship held on April 25, 2021 @ Monroe Rifle & Pistol Club in Dundee. Results below. Congratulations to Andrew Griggs on the match win and congratulations to Gordon Mason who is the 2021 Michigan RC HP State Champion.

    Griggs Andrew 197-3X 200-7X 198-4X 200-8X 795-22X 99.4%
    Mason Gordon 189-5X 199-8X 197-8X 198-10X 783-31X 97.9%
    Till Nick 196-7X 200-7X 190-8X 193-6X 779-20X 97.4%
    Collins Tom 183-0X 197-6X 199-7X 198-14X 777-27X 97.1%
    Lopez Jesus 191-2X 193-4X 191-4X 197-7X 772-17X 96.5%
    Pickens John 183-4X 194-8X 196-3X 197-5X 770-20X 96.3%
    Kortas Chris 179-1X 197-5X 199-6X 194-6X 769-18X 96.1%
    Abrams Jack 179-1X 198-6X 196-5X 196-5X 769-17X 96.1%
    Remsnyder Larry 188-2X 190-4X 196-6X 192-4X 766-16X 95.8%
    Stratelak Derek 176-2X 194-5X 196-2X 198-4X 764-13X 95.5%
    Gersch Trevor 181-1X 196-5X 187-1X 198-7X 762-14X 95.3%
    Fausze Carl 188-1X 196-7X 195-8X 182-3X 761-19X 95.1%
    Abrams Nathan 181-1X 190-2X 193-4X 197-6X 761-13X 95.1%
    Murphy Brock 179-4X 194-3X 196-3X 191-4X 760-14X 95.0%
    Quillinan Mike 180-2X 187-1X 197-8X 189-2X 753-13X 94.1%
    Root Jamie 178-0X 190-1X 185-2X 198-9X 751-12X 93.9%
    Parsons Jim 183-0X 190-5X 180-2X 191-4X 744-11X 93.0%
    Smith Tony 179-1X 193-6X 187-1X 185-3X 744-11X 93.0%
    Vikar Ted 169-1X 181-1X 196-5X 196-6X 742-13X 92.8%
    Knapp Tim 188-4X 158-4X 198-9X 195-5X 739-22X 92.4%
    Pangilinan Helen 180-2X 193-55X 191-3X 169-2X 733-12X 91.6%
    Griggs Lena 176-2X 177-2X 191-1X 186-5X 730-10X 91.3%
    Quayle Jason 160-1X 179-1X 190-4X 196-7X 725-13X 90.6%
    Pangilinan Harold 179-1X 182-1X 182-0X 172-1X 715-3X 89.4%
    Jackson William 163-0X 133-1X 176-1X 190-4X 662-6X 82.8%
    Scott Bryan 180-1X 47-0X 194-7X 191-4X 612-12X 76.5%

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