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2021 Across The Course High Power Championship Results

  • 10 May 2021 12:08 PM
    Message # 10460756
    James Root II (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Nick Till on the match win and being named 2021 Michigan Across The Course High Power State Champion

    Name   SS RS RP SP AGG AVG
    Till Nick 195-6X 197-10X 199-12X 198-10X 789-38X 98.6%
    Bittner Bryan 187-4X 198-9X 200-8X 196-7X 781-28X 97.6%
    Farrell Lee 188-4X 200-12X 198-8X 193-8X 779-32X 97.4%
    Griggs Andrew 187-5X 198-7X 196-3X 194-8X 775-23X 96.9%
    Pickens John 181-1X 200-6X 197-7X 193-8X 771-22X 96.4%
    Mason Gordon 180-3X 198-5X 198-7X 192-5X 768-20X 96.0%
    Remsnyder Larry 171-0X 194-7X 199-7X 195-5X 759-19X 94.9%
    Collins Tom 182-0X 196-5X 198-8X 182-4X 758-17X 94.8%
    Kortas Chris 173-1X 195-5X 196-4X 194-2X 758-12X 94.8%
    Heckman Chris 181-1X 199-12X 186-2X 190-6X 756-21X 94.5%
    Parsons Jim 182-1X 191-1X 195-3X 187-3X 755-8X 94.4%
    Quillinan Mike 176-3X 197-4X 197-8X 183-1X 753-16X 94.1%
    Knapp Tim 169-0X 194-3X 198-5X 191-2X 752-10X 94.0%
    Hartsock Sam 180-4X 190-2X 183-4X 192-6X 745-16X 93.1%
    Dawson Gary 177-2X 191-3X 189-6X 182-3X 739-14X 92.4%
    Clouser Kohlton 184-1X 179-2X 188-2X 178-2X 729-7X 91.1%
    Vikar Ted 154-0X 184-1X 197-3X 194-3X 729-7X 91.1%
    Verrell Rich 168-2X 190-4X 195-6X 175-0X 728-12X 91.0%
    Quayle Jason 167-0X 184-3X 190-5X 181-1X 722-9X 90.3%
    Dell Dave 175-2X 182-3X 182-1X 166-1X 705-7X 88.1%
    Bohn Rick 153-0X 183-0X 187-2X 177-0X 700-2X 87.5%
    Parker Bob 170-0X 147-4X 191-4X 186-5X 694-13X 86.8%
    Lippert Kevin 179-2X 170-3X 115-0X 177-0X 641-5X 80.1%
    Seal Renee 135-1X 163-1X 155-0X 150-2X 603-4X 75.4%
    Albaceli Antonio 99-0X 102-0X 155-0X 137-0X 493-0X 61.6%

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