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2023 Reduce Course HP Championship Results

  • 08 May 2023 1:15 PM
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    James Root II (Administrator)

    16 competitors gathered at Capitol City Rifle Club on May 6, 2023 to compete for title of 2023 Michigan Reduced Course High Power Championship and to secure the first 50% of the points toward the Governor's trophy and Governor's 10.  

    Jim Parsons led the way with a 778 to earn champion title.  Hanne Brantner in her first match as a Michigan resident posted a 773 for 2nd place and Jesus Lopez finished 3rd with a 768.  

    2023 Michigan Reduced Course High Power State Championship
    Name Standing Rapid Sitting Rapid Prone Slow Prone Aggregate
    Jim Parsons 182-0X 199-10X 199-10X 198-12X 778-32X
    Hanne Brantner 185-2X 192-6X 198-5X 198-9X 773-22X
    Jesus Lopez 183-2X 200-11X 192-4X 193-7X 768-24X
    Mike Quillinan 186-1X 196-6X 196-5X 187-6X 765-18X
    Zac Coffey 182-4X 194-6X 193-7X 195-6X 764-23X
    Jim Mervyn 187-3X 190-6X 200-7X 187-3X 764-19X
    Merton Emery 186-6X 190-6X 194-6X 193-4X 763-22X
    Nathan Abrams 179-1X 198-8X 189-2X 195-8X 761-19X
    Gordon Mason 171-1X 197-5X 194-3X 196-8X 758-17X
    Don Elzinga 171-2X 188-2X 195-6X 199-8X 753-18X
    Chris Kortas 177-2X 197-5X 189-2X 190-3X 753-12X
    Kyle Konieczny 176-1X 183-4X 199-7X 194-8X 752-20X
    Jack Abrams 169-3X 194-2X 195-6X 194-7X 752-18X
    Larry Remsnyder 175-2X 194-2X 189-0X 194-8X 752-12X
    Jason Quayle 162-0X 193-6X 197-12X 194-3X 746-21X
    Ted Vikar 162-2X 168-2X 189-2X 191-4X 710-10X

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